In the can

It’s possible, if not certain, that one of these days we’ll dash up to Ohio, rent a truck (and maybe a trailer) and bring back most (or all) of what we left in storage up there. And it might happen before our house is done, which means that we’d need somewhere to put our stuff.

Deb’s been working to get us a storage unit close enough to The Mountain to make sense. She found most booked solid, until one of them said that they had several shipping containers arriving this month — 8′ x 20′ each, placed within their secure facility. Today we drove over to take a look.

Of the four containers, one was locked (unavailable) and one was perfect. The other two showed signs of minor water incursion. We picked the good one and the better of the other two. Now we have a place to put our household goods when we bring a truckload to Arkansas.

As a bonus — and follow the math here — today we rented 36% more storage capacity than we have in Ohio for 37% less money. Per cubic foot, this storage is less than half the cost.

Of course, we’ll be paying for both ’til we get stuff moved.

We stopped by The Mountain on our way back to Harrison. While we were there, Deb’s cousin surprised her with an early birthday-slash-Christmas present — an old hatchet that once belonged to their grandfather. Her face lit up with delight, making it clear how much the gift meant to her.

It won’t shock you, I’m sure, when I tell you that it’s another Estwing, what the company calls a “Sportsman’s Axe,” stacked-leather handle and all. Despite its (considerable) age, it’s in remarkably good shape.

Deb is beside herself, all smiles. She’s torn between hanging the axe on the wall and putting it to work on the woodpile.

I predict she’ll do both.

This was another good day that wasn’t particularly interesting. We’ll take it, ’cause life is good.

Take care of yourselves, Patriots. Stay calm. Stay sharp. Stay free.

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