Life, apace

There’s more happening in our world than just a new puppy, of course. Everyday life, or at least our version of it, continues to roll like a river after a rain. We’re occupied keeping up with mundane stuff, plus making as much progress as we can on The Mountain.

The septic system isn’t in yet. When we were on the homesite a couple of days ago, the hole was open and we saw no tank. The delivery truck is still down.

Changes we’ve made to the house’s foundation (out of necessity) require production of a new set of plans. We met today with an architect.

Our site contractor assures us that once he has the revised plans in-hand he can get started on the footer. He actually wanted to start digging yesterday, but it’ll have to wait ’til new drawings are done.

The house kit is (again) scheduled for delivery tomorrow. Third time’s a charm. Fingers crossed.

Deb and I have decided that for the foreseeable future, Smudge goes with us everywhere. That plays hell with our pattern of dining out, so we’ll either cook in the bus, grab drive-thru or have our main daily meal delivered. Last night’s choice was Jamie’s takeout — my “Rattler Burger,” topped with pickled jalapeños, jalapeño jelly and onion tanglers, was delicious.

The puppy accompanied us to the architect’s office this morning, and we’re happy to report that she was well-behaved, bordering on angelic, as Deb cradled her in her arms. Later we visited a dog-training facility here in Harrison, where Smudge suffered sensory overload — lots of dogs and new people, strange smells and sounds and sights — and our happy Heeler went timid for a while. On our way back to the campground we brought her into the Sears Hometown store, and she was better there.

And we came out with another item on our list — a power miter saw. It’s not the DeWalt we intended to get, but it is a ten-inch compound saw with a laser guide. Going-out-of-business discounts cut the price to $123. (Home Depot had the same tool for $180 and the DeWalt for $200.) Like the cart we found at Sears Hometown last month, the deal was hard to pass up.

We’re whittling down our list. So far it’s been tools, mostly. We have appliances and such still to buy. Based on news I heard this morning, we’d better find a gas stove before progressive enviro-Nazis (Democrats, that is) ban the damned things.

The weather has been great. Though we ran the furnaces for a few hours at daybreak yesterday — “to take the chill off,” something I hope to be doing soon with a woodstove — we’ve been able to get outdoors comfortably with the puppy and wear her out a little. Those conditions also make it more pleasant to dump the waste-water tanks and tackle other regular chores.

It’s winter in The South — not tropical, just wonderful.

The dogs (pictured) are all gettin’ along just fine.

Today a tree-trimming crew is felling several leaning black walnuts here at the campground before they come down on a guest’s RV (or on our hosts’ house).

We, like our Ozarkansas neighbors, aren’t the least bit concerned about new WuFlu strains. (Let the deep-blue I-95 corridor worry about that.) Deb and I didn’t find out who won laat night’s college football championship ’til we read about it this morning. (For cryin’ out loud, bring back the SWC.) We don’t care that the current occupant of the Oval Office “visited” the US border with Mexico. (He’s won’t do a damned thing to stem the invasion)

We’re in the best place possible, with great company (canine and otherwise). Life is good.

Take care of yourselves, Patriots. Stay calm. Stay sharp. Stay free.

#WiseUp #LibertyOrDeath

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