This is how you’ll know

If you’re predisposed to believing that a rodent somehow has the inside track on how long winter will last — and that it’ll give us its answer on this day every year — then you and I don’t think much alike. Or maybe you just have a lower threshold for entertainment. Probably both.

If you’re currently immersed in two weeks of shallow, formulaic and inescapable hype over a corporate orgy masquerading as a sporting event, we have very different ideas about productive ways to spend our time.

If you think it’s important to observe another person’s preferences about which pronouns you use; if you have no problem with crotch-grabbing cross-dressers performing for schoolchildren; if you believe that climate hysteria today is any more real and its corps of alarmists is any more credible than every other end-of-the-world scenario floated (and debunked) over the last three generations; if you believe that children belong to the State and not to their parents; if you favor shoveling billions in American treasure to Ukraine; if you think that fossil fuels should be retired in 50 years or less; if it’s your opinion that compassion should be the primary goal of federal immigration policy; then you and I have little in common.

If you believe that government has the authority to dictate to citizens how they may defend themselves and their families, or their personal decisions about health and welfare, or the kind of speech in which they’re permitted to engage; if you contend that a person can choose their sex, their race or even their species; if you think that masking, vaxxing, isolating or any of the rest of that “pandemic” nonsense was anything but destructive; you’re reading the wrong blog.

If you can’t change a tire or build a fire; if snow is a bug and not a feature; if you’re the kind of person who prefers to savor a mojito under the glow of a neon light to sipping whiskey from a flask while sitting on a stump; this isn’t the place for you.

Yesterday’s House Judiciary hearing on “The Biden Border Crisis” kicked off what’ll be months of contentious theater on Capitol Hill. I don’t harbor a lot of hope that the debate will solve anything, really, but it’ll help brighten the line between Americans and Democrats.

That distinction is quite intentional. Witness the bleating from leading Dems:

“Racist tendencies of extreme MAGA Republicans that seek to close the border to refugees”

“Republicans demonizing migrant families and asylum-seekers”

“MAGA Republicans decry a so-called invasion at our southern border”

Essentially, progressives’ response to the most serious threat to national sovereignty in our country’s history is to accuse true Americans of being mean. That’s it.

If you agree with these pathetic panderers — and that includes favoring “comprehensive immigration reform” (which is meaningless) or “a path to citizenship” (we already have that) — you should leave this page and find other reading material.

The current occupant of the Oval Office, an avowed enemy of Liberty who’s always been slimy, now is in the throes of debilitating senile dementia. It’s not subtle. It’s not questionable. The regime isn’t even trying to hide his unfitness from the People.

And then there’s Chuckles, who with every public appearance reinforces how breathtakingly dumb she is. Again, this isn’t a close call — a genuine world-class idiot sits and spits and chortles and rages cluelessness precisely one heartbeat from the presidency.

The most recent example, a ceremony honoring two former astronauts — she delivered remarks in typical bubble-headed fashion, characterized by one observer “like she was reading a pop-up book to a kindergarten class.” A perceptive Townhall columnist tweeted,

“Who is she speaking to? I have to assume it’s a group of 3-year-old closed-head-injury sufferers, right?”

If you’ve seen the clip, you know that neither is an exaggeration.

When we’re not being subjected to this pair’s senility or stupidity, we get daily doses of The White House spokestoken. In almost nine months at the podium she’s done nothing to dispel the notion that she was picked solely because she’s a black lesbian who sleeps with a CNN personality. She’s displayed no skills, no smarts and no aptitude hinting that she’s the least bit qualified for the job.

The regime should be careful, I think, to avoid standing her next to Chuckles, lest the resulting vacuum suck all the intellect from the room.

Folks voted for this shit.

For all of the investigations and inquiries and hearings and such, don’t expect anything remotely conclusive or constitutionally satisfying to come from that — any of it. No one’s gonna be charged. No one’s “goin’ down” and nothin’ is gonna get “drained.”

You’d be better off waiting for me to misquote George Washington talkin’ ’bout “Liberty’s teeth,” or report on The Imaginary Adventures of Q, or call the current occupant of the Oval Office by the title, “president.” Ain’t gonna happen.

The machine of State exists only to feed itself. It’s not there to serve us. It’s beyond our reach as well as our control.

And still we speak. Still we vote. Still we gather, and prepare, and wait for the time when we’ll not fail to restore America.

This is who I am. It’s the foundation of Ubi Libertas Blog and has been since the beginning. Honestly, as much as you may dig my stories about The Mountain, even though you enjoyed the travelogues of 2021, if you’re not on-board with unapologetic reason and an unwavering commitment to individual Liberty, you really need to take your ass somewhere else.

Take care of yourselves, Patriots. Stay calm. Stay sharp. Stay free.

#WiseUp #LibertyOrDeath

#LetsGoBrandon #FJB

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