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How any thinking person can survey the American landscape and not wonder how soon our society will collapse is beyond me. Everywhere we look, our culture — which is upstream from everything else — is crumbling. The country we once knew is unrecognizable, over.

Obvious as that may be to some of us, we’re in the minority.

All it’ll take to topple this brittle society is an event. It could be something as simple, local and self-inflicted as a train derailment and a chemical spill. Or it might be more widespread, like an adversary exploiting our inattention to infrastructure and sovereignty, launching a a crippling EMP attack — this nation’s power grid is as fragile as it is vulnerable.

Dystopia is but a nudge away.

Laugh all you want at “preppers.” I promise you’ll stop laughing when (not if) the shit hits the fan. It’s only a matter of time.

I’ve talked about preparations that Deb and I are putting into place on The Mountain, and I’ll say more as our new American Life takes shape. But we’re not there yet. And even once we’re living on the property full-time, errands and day trips and such will, on occasion, take us away from our fixed-location preps.

So our mindset won’t reflect a “bunker mentality,” at least not entirely. At the very moment bad shit happens, we may be shopping for groceries in Harrison, pumping gas in Flippin, or even just patrolling the other side of The Mountain.

Fortunately, we’ve accounted for possibilities like that for years. During our working life, commuting vehicles were set up with kits for daily forays to and from Columbus. We adapted our scheme to almost two years (and counting) of RVing. We’re always equipped with “get-home bags,” tools and supplies — everywhere we go.

As Deb and I settled in last night and surfed YouTube for something useful to watch, we came across a video entitled “Survival Bugout” published by “The Survival Summit,” a commercial enterprise. The short film (19 minutes) was put together by Jonathan Hollerman of Grid Down Consulting.

The scenario portrayed revolves around an EMP event — cars come to a halt, cell phones stop working, etc. — which means hoofing home to unite with family before setting out (also on foot) the next morning for a predetermined retreat location. I found it extremely well done without being glitzy or implausibly alarmist.

The video is packed with good information, presented rationally. In some ways it’s quite blunt, making me wonder why the nannies of Big Tech have left it up for four months. (That is, you may want to check it out soon.)

I can imagine some of you watching it and rolling your eyes — a man and woman pushing a loaded shopping cart along deserted roads for days, rough-camping in thickets, retreating from threats while executing covering-fire maneuvers. You’ll judge it extreme, unrealistic, a little much.

Well, then, I guess Mr. Hollerman isn’t talking to you. Neither am I.

Either wise up or move along.

But if you’re smart, if you see what I see, then this video may be your canary. It’s a starting point. If it rustles just one of you out of your comfort and complacency and motivates you to get serious about preparing, then I’m glad I shared it here today.

We’re in peril. Shit will hit the fan, sooner rather than later, and no one is coming to help.

Get your affairs in order.

Take care of yourselves, Patriots. Stay calm. Stay sharp. Stay free.

#WiseUp #LibertyOrDeath

#LetsGoBrandon #FJB

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