Let there be…

With our Wrangler rescued from its role as a storage bin, early this morning Deb followed the Silverado over to National Auto Trim, the truck-accessories shop we’ve patronized many times. They’re the ones who set up Mercy to tow behind the bus, as well as adding lights, running board and other hard parts. They also tinted Artie’s windows.

Today we had another job for them.

(Now before I go any further, I want to confess that on my way out of the campground this morning I cut a corner too close and clipped one of the park’s planters. The impact crunched sheet metal in front of the right-rear wheel, and body work will be required. Beyond that, I don’t wanna talk about it.)

We dropped off the truck and headed north on US 65 to Lilliehobbs in Omaha (Arkansas) for breakfast — closed for maintenance. Retreating to Harrison and our go-to restaurant, Ranch House, we enjoyed a typically hearty morning meal there.

Ranch House is one of those places that allows us to bask in that thing called Southern Hospitality. Unlike the put-on variety you’ll find in tourist locales, this is the real deal — a reflection of Southern culture, not a reenactment of it.

Grits, okra and white beans. The coffee’s always fresh, hot and bottomless. On steamy summer days, every patron gets a cup of ice.

“Can I bring y’all a couple of to-go cups for the road?” our waitress drawled when she brought our check. We left with coffee and sweet tea — no charge.

As we walked out into the chilly mid-morning air (it’s 25 degrees colder than it was yesterday), Deb said what we say so often: “I just love it here.”

There’s two kind of lovers and two kind of brothers,
and two kind of babies to hold.
There’s two kind of cherries and two kind of fairies,
and two kind of mothers I’m told, and told.

Cowboys and outlaws and right guys and southpaws,
good dogs and all kinds of cats.
Dirt roads and white lines and all kinds of stop signs,
but I stand right here where I’m at,
’cause I wear my own kind of hat.

Merle Haggard

It was after noon when I got a text message from one of National Auto Trim’s owners, saying that the work was done and the Silverado was ready. I was anxious to see the finished product, the result of me envying the auxiliary lighting they’d installed on the Jeep over a year ago.

A pair of high-output LED “ditch lights” had been fitted near the rear corners of the hood, clever brackets making use of the strut mounts underneath. A 30-inch LED light bar was tucked behind the grille, again taking advantage of existing mounting points.

Two small lighted rocker switches were placed discreetly but conveniently to the left of the steering column, below the gauge cluster. Perfect location.

I like this setup a lot. The Wrangler came to us equipped with a Smittybilt front bumper, which made it easy to install lighting (and a winch), but for the Silverado I really didn’t want to add a brush guard or a bull bar. The behind-the-grille scheme solved that problem. And though on both vehicles the ditch lights are about as subtle as mouse ears, that big light bar is virtually unnoticeable on the truck.

After I’d paid for today’s work, by the way, Deb mentioned to the owner that she was having trouble getting the snazzy LED rings to work on her Jeep’s headlights (which this shop hadn’t installed). He called one of the techs to make sure he was available, then told her to drive around to the shop so he could take a look.

The polite, efficient young man put his multimeter on the wiring, clipped and spliced and checked again — success. The lighted rings are, of course, orange.

It took maybe ten minutes. No charge. (She tipped the kid anyway.)

We love it here.

On last night’s edition of “Tucker Carlson Tonight,” the host released previously unseen video from January 6th, 2021 on Capitol Hill. The footage, over 40,000 hours’ worth provided exclusively by the newly minted House Speaker, blows up The Holy Narrative manufactured by Democrats, anti-Trump Republicans and others with a vested interest in progressives’ efforts to unmake America.

As we could’ve predicted, there’s been strong negative reaction — from Democrats, anti-Trump Republicans and others with a vested interest in progressives’ efforts to unmake America.

Go figure.

I don’t give two shits how you feel about Tucker Carlson or Fox News. I can’t help it if you’re a fanchild of “lying, pomposity, smugness and groupthink.” The fact remains that Tucker and his team have proven themselves to be responsible, rational and, most important, right about a whole range of issues, including the WuFlu “pandemic.”

The enemies of America object. They’re hysterical, thrashing, panicked. That tells me all I need to know.

Wise up, People. Ignore the Uniparty. And pay attention to Tucker Carlson.

Take care of yourselves, Patriots. Stay calm. Stay sharp. Stay free.

#WiseUp #LibertyOrDeath

#LetsGoBrandon #FJB