Lost sleep & three in a Jeep

The late shift at the local McDonald’s was cleaning up and closing the dining area when Deb and I walked out into the rain last night. The time was 10:45pm, which meant (thanks to imminent Daylight Saving Time) that it was almost midnight.

Our site contractor, after a wet and hellish day working on The Mountain, had asked us to meet him there on his way home. We discussed adjustments to the elevation of the house, a conversation that ran almost two hours.

The late night stretched the day for all of us, but checking signals was the right thing to do. Foundation work will resume next weekend.

Predictably bleary this morning, we crammed ourselves into Mercy and headed over to The Mountain to see what the homesite looked like. The sight greeting us was both ugly and beautiful — mud everywhere and rocks tossed about, a mound of smoldering ash all that remained of yesterday’s fire, but the massive mess was the result of long-awaited progress.

We didn’t let Smudge out to run around up there today. If you’ve ever lived in an RV, you understand why — yes, dogs should be dogs, but dragging sticky clay and gritty ash into the confines of the bus didn’t interest us in the slightest.

It was a good day, cool and breezy. We saw what we’d come to see. I’ll leave you with a gallery.

Take care of yourselves, Patriots. Stay calm. Stay sharp. Stay free.

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