A good Sunday, a better Monday

Deb and I spent our Sunday outdoors with our feet up. All three dogs joined us in the “yard” — Scout and Dipstick inside their cozy enclosure, rolling in the green grass; and Smudge next to our chairs, being drilled in sit-stay.

We closed out the day sipping bourbon and test-driving a couple of handmade rocking chairs in the the campground’s picnic pavilion.

We got an early start for The Mountain today, dropping Smudge off at school before 9am. The morning sky was gray and heavy, but as we motored east the sun managed to burn off most of the clouds.

Once on the property, we loaded the Ranger and aimed it toward the homesite.

The septic system is almost done — a little more gravel, some membrane on top, and the lines can be covered. Risers have been installed on the tank to accommodate fill. Soon our site contractor will be able to resume work on the foundation of the house.

A little further down The Mountain, we stopped to admire the first blooming dogwoods — along with redbud, dogwood is one of my favorite signs of spring in this part of the country. Then it was on to visit one of our neighbors, who’d just returned home with a snazzy new Kawasaki UTV. He’d been without a woods-buggy since he sold us his Polaris Ranger a year ago December, and we were thrilled to see him so happy to be back in the side-by-side game.

After talking with him and Deb’s cousin awhile, we headed toward the summit. The plan, long overdue, was to try out a pair of lightweight hammocks and savor the quiet of the spring woods.

Getting to that point took a little doing. My knot-tying skills, honed in Boy Scout days and practiced since, came in handy. (Timber hitch and tautline hitch, if you’re curious.) The slick nylon cordage supplied with the hammocks was annoying and prone to slipping, but once the hanging was done, comfort and bliss were beyond compare.

Temps climbed into the mid-80s, and without a canopy of leaves it got pretty hot up there. I dug into our kit and flew a tarp to give us some shade while we enjoyed our lunch. Later, as we were wrapping up our time in the woods, Deb’s cousin rode up on his quad.

At one point I was mesmerized by a tree above my chair — a hickory, one of the first trees to have set leaves. The afternoon sun was shining through the tender, pale-green growth, and it looked like the leaves were illuminated from within. I’ve included an image of what I saw. Simply spectacular.

The day’s simplicity was its reward. We took the time and took our time, letting each moment present itself. Everything came together perfectly, as if to remind us that this is where we were always destined to be.

I wish the same for you.

Take care of yourselves, Patriots. Stay calm. Stay sharp. Stay free.

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