Catsup, ketchup, catch-up

Early this morning I decided to take a run at a fresh post. I missed yesterday (my call) and the next few days look pretty packed, but at least I thought I’d jot down a few thoughts about our Wednesday and pick up something I neglected to mention on Tuesday.

Deb and I were on The Mountain just after 8:30am yesterday. The sun hadn’t even reached the homesite — it only dappled the ground, the air crisp and the birds in full song. We had plenty of time to soak up the peace before an engineer from the electric utility showed up, about 9:15am. He was an older fellow whose gait and manner testified to his 23 years of rodeo, grizzled but kind, very good at his job and a pleasure to work with for the hour or so he was there.

Together we set the plan for bringing power from the road onto the homesite. That’ll involve us clearing a 30-foot right-of-way, which will mean dropping several medium-sized cedars and, unfortunately, three mature oaks. It can’t be helped. We’re moving forward, and that’s a good thing.

Afterward we spent a little time at Deb’s cousin’s place, then turned back for Harrison. Easing along the county road we were treated to another of spring’s gifts — pastures aglow with yellow wildflowers, stretching north toward our wooded Mountain beyond.

With no traffic at that hour, we stopped and snapped pictures.

We took our mid-day meal with our Texas friends at Ranch House and ran some errands. A long afternoon nap followed. Dinner, enjoyed in our friends’ new coach, was red beans and rice, accompanied by fresh-baked sourdough bread from Lilliehobbs.

Something I didn’t talk about in Tuesday’s post was a stop at The Fred on Crooked Creek. The four of us lingered awhile on the one-lane bridge and looked down into the crystal-clear water, easily able to spot smallmouth bass darting around the shallows. Seeing a number of them clustered over a gravel bar upstream from Kelly’s Slab, we speculated that there might be spawnin’ goin’ on.

The longer we’re here, the stronger the hold this place has on us. We love showin’ it off. It really is the simple things, y’know?

Today and tomorrow, Deb and I need to handle a couple of administrative matters related to getting power to our Home on The Mountain — notarizing a form, recording the right-of-way instrument with the county, and so on. We intend to bring our friends with us up to the summit and pay one more visit to Gray Spring before they leave on Sunday. It’ll all be accomplished in the easygoing style that Deb and I favor — no checklist, no schedule, no urgency.

Simple things. Life is good.

Take care of yourselves, Patriots. Stay calm. Stay sharp. Stay free.

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