We ran out of coffee

If I can’t take
My coffee break,
Something within me dies.

Bud Frump, “How to Succeed in Business Without Really Trying”

I didn’t understand coffee in the early ’70s when I was in our high-school production of that Broadway musical. Just a freshman then, when the “Coffee Break” number came up I simply followed the director’s instruction to “act panicked.”

Now I get it. Coffee is essential. I’m not sayin’ that anyone has died on days when I didn’t have my morning fix, but I’m pretty sure that a few people are alive today only because I did.

Last night, Deb discovered that were completely out of coffee. “No coffee, no coffee, no coffee….”

A trip next door to our gracious friends got us enough to make it through this morning’s dosage. Curbside pickup later put us right for tomorrow and on.

Smudge has turned into something of a rock hound — sticks, sometimes, but mostly small rocks to chew on. This morning she brought me an especially cool piece of gravel (pictured, above). Love that puppy — she’s a keeper.

Our Texas friends, as-planned, pulled up stakes and rolled out of the campground shortly after 10am. Before they left we exchanged gifts — rings of Troyer’s Trail Bologna from them, freezer packs of Blystone Farms ground beef from us. Next time we see them, we’ll be living full-time up on The Mountain and I expect they’ll be camped by the White River.

Deb and I aren’t left alone, exactly, but we’re back to the rhythm, rigor and necessities of the American Life we’ve chosen. We’re on our own again, focused next on preparing the homesite for our fifth-wheel and getting it up there. In between we’ll have an “orientation” of sorts at the RV dealership.

Once it’s planted on the pad, we’ll do a thorough cleaning and assemble what we’ll need to make the arrangement work — a suitable generator, another Stinky Slinky, and a means for transporting water from Deb’s cousin’s well and transferring it to the new-to-us RV’s fresh-water tank.

Then, of course, we have to actually move out of Ernie and into the fifth-wheel. That won’t happen all at once. It’ll be a process, one that we’re looking forward to.

In the coming weeks we’ll be burning a whole lotta gas in the Silverado. Fortunately, at least for now, prices at our favorite stations are down — this morning we paid $3.099 at Harps in Bellefonte.

Anyway, we’re confident that it’ll all come together. If past is prologue, though, we can be equally sure that it won’t unfold quite the way we expect. There will be surprises, both disappointments and successes.

It helps that we’re taking this into our own hands, more so than before. We’ve shut out critics and know-it-alls. We entertain only constructive suggestions. We’re plenty smart enough, able enough and Country enough to get this done.

I ‘ll wrap today with observations and cautions.

If you’re inclined to judge significance by what media report, you’d be under the impression that America is in the midst of an epidemic of mass murders. By my count, and after yesterday’s massacre in Texas, we’ve seen five or six high-profile incidents receive relentless attention in the press.

It doesn’t shock me that it’s been six weeks since a Christian-hating tranny murdered six innocents in Nashville, and we still haven’t seen his “manifesto.” Nor is it surprising that few news accounts even mention that she shot up a religious school.

All of this comes on the heels of the current occupant of the Oval Office vowing (again) to ban “assault weapons.” I don’t believe that’s coincidental.

And then there’s the current regime’s open-borders scheme. The WuFlu-era policy meant to deter illegals will expire this week. Smart (and honest) analysts predict that’ll prompt an unprecedented surge. We know it’ll be bad — but how bad?

Consider that last week, according to CBP, 55,000 illegals crossed the southern border, The week before that, the number was 52,000. Over the previous ten-day period, agents encountered 73,000 illegals and reported 17,000 “gotaways.” That’s only what we know about.

Now if we take that last number — 90,000 in ten days — that’s more than 3.2 million illegals a year. And what, it’s about to get worse than that?

Let’s connect some dots.

Think about it. With violent and property crime on a disturbing tear these days, the State is coming for your guns. With an unimaginable invasion of illegals only days away, the State is coming for your guns. With government-controlled media actively engaged in disinformation, misinformation and hiding both the cause and the extent of our crisis, the State is coming for your guns.

Just wait ’til they come for more of your money — a lot more. Reparations, bitches.

People, I’ve warned you about this. We saw it building years ago. If you think it’ll pass, or that the feds will stop short of the brink, you’re an idiot. Put your affairs in order.

Take care of yourselves, Patriots. Stay calm. Stay sharp. Stay free.

#WiseUp #LibertyOrDeath

#LetsGoBrandon #FJB