Smudge is fine

Ever since we reported on Smudge’s injury on The Mountain yesterday, and her subsequent medical leave from the pack overnight, many of you have been in touch with us — texts, private messages, even phone calls.

It seems that lots of friends and readers are as smitten with our puppy as we are.

I’m glad to say that our happy Heeler came through surgical repair without complications. We fetched her mid-afternoon, and she’s back where she belongs.

We got a call from the vet this morning, after Smudge had been sedated. On more thorough examination of the wound, she saw that the carpal pad remained attached only by a small amount of tissue. For the most durable long-term repair, she recommended that the pad be amputated. It’s vestigial anyway. We agreed and gave the doc our blessing.

To better position ourselves when we got the call that Smudge was ready, we drove as far as The Mountain this morning. We hung out at the homesite for a while, just being quiet. (Ok, I repaired an uncooperative rear turn signal on the truck, but that was easy.) We were up at Deb’s cousin’s place when word came from the vet that it was time to pick up the pup.

The care she received was excellent, and the young vet tech we worked with yesterday and today was wonderful. She has Heelers herself, and from the get-go she was able to read Smudge better than anyone else who’s been around our rambunctious (and occasionally fractious) little girl.

Oh, and the bill for veterinary services was reasonable, even though this was a big, fancy clinic. We figure it was a third of what we would’ve paid in central Ohio, maybe even less.

Smudge was thrilled to see us, of course. When we got back to the bus, Scout and Dipstick seemed relieved to have their little sister back.

Now our convalescing canine needs to take it easy for a few days, so she can begin to heal.

No running. No jumping.

(Yeah, right.)

Take care of yourselves, Patriots. Stay calm. Stay sharp. Stay free.

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