Day 203

It’s Day 203 of the Ohio Shutdown and Day 139 of Mostly Peaceful Protests — like in Portland last night, where BLM and Antifa anarchists once again toppled statues and destroyed property.

This is also Columbus Day. I realize that socially squeamish cities across the country — including nearby Columbus, Ohio — have replaced the holiday with another observance.

That, my friends, is as revolting and dumb as cauliflower pizza crust (although I’ll admit it’s a pretty close call).

Ohio’s governor, obsessed with keeping fear alive. refuses to relent. He continues to harp on masks and the testing that keeps the numbers artificially (and deceptively) high.

I wonder — if we told everyone who thought they might’ve been around a person suffering from the seasonal flu, or had flu symptoms themselves, to get tested, what would the flu numbers look like?

Exactly. This virus is doing what viruses do. And despite the fact that it’s under control and the healthcare system has ample capacity to handle cases, DeWine wants us to adopt irrational fear as a way of life.

Screw that.

Deb and I are fine, by the way. We’re living like Americans.

After I finished my lunch today I put my feet up and listened to Rush Limbaugh for a while. I detected a certain insistence in his tone, and I know why.

Election Day is three weeks from tomorrow. Rush talked about “leaving it all on the field” between now and then.

“This is about preserving the American way of life,” he implored.

He’s right.

You’d have to be completely ignorant of what’s going on in this country — the violence, the hatred of Trump, of America, of the People, of you and me — to not feel a sense of urgency as we approach November 3rd.

Forget the polls. To hell with the pundits. Never mind the forecasts. You know what we need to do.


Beyond that, don’t try to change minds — find like minds. Find someone who loves America and knows right from wrong and, whatever it takes, make it possible for them to cast their vote.


Our country depends on it.

Take care of yourselves. Stay free.

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