Day 204

It’s Day 204 of the Ohio Shutdown and Day 140 of living in an America in which:

The city of San Francisco will pay more than a hundred “artists” $1,000 a month, so-called “universal basic income,” to paint murals and do performance art raising awareness of WuFlu;

A sitting U.S. Senator, a woman, asks a nominee to the U.S. Supreme Court, also a woman, if she’s ever committed rape; and

A military veteran and retired cop in New Mexico is told by two different poll workers that he’d have to either remove his t-shirt or leave the early-voting location. And what was the prohibited political message on his shirt?

“TRIUMPH Motorcycles.”

The country’s gone mad. Deb and I are well.

Our governor stepped in front of the camera again today. I’d love to tell you about it, really I would, but I’m fresh out of synonyms for “painful” and “stupid.”

This two-bit tyrant is gonna drag this out forever if we let him. A legislative or judicial bitch-slapping is called for. His comeuppance is overdue.

The term “confirmation bias” is being tossed around a lot these days. Most often it’s used by leftists as a rhetorical bludgeon, chiding conservatives for believing only news that lines up with “right-wing dogma.”

It reminds me of the tired old “People are resistant to change” chestnut.

In a workplace not long ago and not very far away, my colleagues and I watched as management made one bone-headed move after another. And when we offered insights and objections, we were met with the lazy, “Y’all are just resistant to change,” delivered with the confidence of a tenured psychology professor.

Among my co-workers were career military with command experience, people who’d created successful businesses, experienced managers and former executives. But did it occur to management that our opinions were grounded not in human nature, but in wisdom born of experience?


In the same way, the slugs who sling accusations of “confirmation bias” neither apply critical thought nor understand the concept of values. Personally, I process everything I encounter through my principles and my values — some more dear than others, Liberty over all.

So the next time some woke joker emerges from their imaginary faculty lounge and tries to tar you with “confirmation bias,” you push back. Hold to principle.

I believe that’s all for today.

Take care of yourselves. Stay free. And question authority.

#WiseUp #LibertyOrDeath #OhioAgainstDeWine #QuestionAuthority