Day 208

It’s Day 208 of the Ohio Shutdown and Day 144 of Dialing for Dirtbags.

Deb and I are ok. Tomorrow is auction day at her father’s house, so today we loaded up items we’ve chosen to keep and hauled them to our storage unit.

Last night’s “demonstration” here in our village was, as the linguistically challenged say, “a non-event.”

Witnesses estimated the gaggle at 40 or so. They had signs. They were noisy and a bit upset. And virtually no one cared.

Most important, The Mini-Mob didn’t get out of hand. I can’t say the same about a driver I had the displeasure of sharing the road with on yesterday’s commute home.

While merging from I-670 onto I-270 shortly before 5pm, I saw a blacked-out Dodge Charger come flying up behind me, nosing past my rear bumper as I changed lanes before backing off.

I held position, watching the Charger make aggressive feints back and forth. Eventually it darted around me to the right and then paced me, an angry young black man leaning out the driver’s window, jawing and giving me a digital salute.

I didn’t react, and he sped off past me. For several miles I watched him dice with one motorist after another, all driving pickup trucks.

Draw your own conclusions.

On Monday I’d made a Facebook post sharing a link to an article from Entitled “Proof That Joe Biden’s Family Owned Slaves,” the piece was intellectually and factually sound, and it included documentation to back up its claims.

Then this afternoon Facebook dropped this notification on me:

“False information found in your post by independent fact-checkers. We’ve added a notice to your post.”

Curious, I clicked on the link Facebook provided. What I got was a detailed rebuttal of allegedly false information that began circulating on social media four months ago — not the information I posted, which was first published last week.

The “notice” you’ll see obscuring my Facebook post has nothing to do with the article I shared on Monday.

Are these “independent fact-checkers” malicious or merely incompetent? Or is this the work of a Zuckerbot triggered by a headline that invoked both “Biden” and “slaves”?

It doesn’t much matter, because the result is the same — just ask the New York Post.

This is the mountain we have to climb. This is the leftist censorship, disinformation and propaganda we have to overcome if we’re to Keep America Great.

The stakes couldn’t be higher. Stand and fight.

Take care of yourselves. Stay free.

#WiseUp #LibertyOrDeath #Trump2020 #MAGA #KAG