Day 209

It’s Day 209 of the Ohio Shutdown and Day 145 of The World Series of Race Cards.

Deb and I are doing great this evening, relaxing now after today’s fast-paced “Heirs Auction” at her father’s house.

It was a chilly and damp day, with off-and-on rain. Still, the turnout was amazing. Best of all, the auction was a success.

Sales like this are unpredictable, but today, as the auctioneer put it, we “caught lightning in a bottle” — stuff that rarely sells actually sold and sold well, and many items brought far more than any of us expected. By the end, virtually nothing was left unsold.

Putting today behind us lifts a great weight from Deb’s shoulders. I’m thrilled for her, and for the boys.

Bonus: The auctioneer brought in a food trailer from Dan’s Deli. Deb’s grilled cheese was out of this world, and my double cheeseburger was extraordinary. It’s the kind of food that makes me want to chase this tiny trailer around central Ohio.

Recommendation: Michael Hoffman and his crew did a spectacular job. Deb and I will be purging and downsizing within the next year or so, and we plan to hire Michael to do the job.

Mask participation today was, by my estimate, around 50%. The auction crew made masks available to those who wanted them, along with hand sanitizer and disinfectant wipes.

It was an easy-going affair, though. No pressure, one way or the other. Live and let live.

Our governor, with his illegal and unconstitutional decrees, wants masks to be an issue. He wants those who reflexively comply to shame others who make different choices. I was glad to see none of that nonsense today. Real Americans don’t do that.

So… do masks work?

I don’t know — that’s the truth, I really don’t know. But no one has convinced me that they’re effective in preventing the spread of WuFlu.

What I do know is that mask “orders” have little to do with public health. They’re about control.

I know that because I pay attention to data, not propaganda. I rely on reason, not emotions. I consider a range of scientific findings, not just those in agreement with the State.

I’m a born-free American. And I choose not to wear a mask.

Take care of yourselves. Stay free.

#WiseUp #LibertyOrDeath #OhioAgainstDeWine

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