Day 216

It’s Day 216 of the Ohio Shutdown and Day 152 of The Left Reminding Us Why There’s a Second Amendment.

Deb and I are well.

The header photo for this post is a snap from yesterday’s trip to the local warehouse club, a huge display of Christmas lawn decorations — just in time for Halloween.

Everything about that is wrong.

Those brilliant fall colors I’ve been sharing photos of lately, the maples and oaks here at Second Chance Ranch, have a practical downside — eventually the leaves fall to the ground and must be dealt with. I devoted this morning to that chore, criss-crossing the lawn three times, chopping them into fine flakes that our humble, weedy plot absolutely loves.

I expect to repeat the process twice more over the next month. That’d put the wrap on the lawn right around Thanksgiving, which seems rather late to me, but whatever.

After the mulching was done, and having winterized the plumbing in the Bumper Bunker two weeks ago, Deb and I finished putting it to bed for the winter. She took care of settling the living space, then joined me to drape a cover over the beast.

It must’ve looked pretty comical, but we got it done. Sometime during the winter months we’ll pull the cover off and tow the Bunker to our dealer for warranty work. Exactly when will depend on the weather, of course, and some other things we have cooking.

Between now and next Tuesday, Election Day, we’re gonna be inundated with campaigning — candidates and surrogates, stump speeches and interviews, last-minute radio and TV spots. This weekend’s blitz by both candidates has been impressive, but it’ll look like a prayer vigil compared to next Saturday and Sunday. Buckle up.

I rarely watch TV these days, preferring to take-in audio without the distraction of so-called “optics.” Listening to yesterday’s speeches by Donald Trump and Daffy McHairsniffer, the difference was striking.

Daffy was positively strident — screaming, pleading, his desperate tone and wild rhetoric making him come off as anything but a frontrunner.

Trump, by contrast, was confident, relaxed and at-ease with himself and the massive crowds before him. He seemed like he was having the time of his life. Deb, in fact, who’s not a big fan of his personality, remarked that she’d love to sit down and have a conversation with this Donald Trump.

That stark difference between the two candidates, besides affirming my own choice, may hint at something else. It can be summed up in two words: internal polling.

We have a week. Get out and vote like your country depends on it — because it does.

Take care of yourselves. Stay free.

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