Day 217

It’s Day 217 of the Ohio Shutdown and Day 153 of “Marxist Fools & Racist Tools: The Reality Show.”

Deb and I are doin’ great today, celebrating the 15th anniversary of our first date.

To mark the occasion, this morning she posted a video link to Facebook — “The One,” written and performed by the genius that is Elton John. Naturally, there’s a story behind that.

About a month after we met I was flying back from a business trip to Las Vegas, and during a layover in Houston I heard the song playing in the airport. Immediately I called Deb and read her the lyrics, which I’d scribbled down on a scrap of paper.

From that moment, it’s been our song.

Reportedly, Elton was thrilled with the lyrics Bernie Taupin brought him, particularly this verse:

For each man in his time is Cain
Until he walks along the beach
And sees his future in the water
A long lost heart within his reach

That’s it — that crystallizes the moment I laid eyes on The Great Love of My Life.

These days, of course, I’m more of a Country music fan. It was a couple of years ago, I think, that I heard a new song by Kendell Marvel (a massive talent you should be following, by the way). “Musta Kept It For Himself” begins,

If I die and go to heaven
Soon as I walk through that gate
And I lay eyes upon my maker
First thing I’m gonna say is
“Thank you for that woman you put in my life”
She’s what kept me goin’
Treated me so right

Honey I could live forever
And never love nobody else
If God made anything better than you
He musta kept it for himself

When Kendell Marvel played Squeek’s Bar & Grill last year, Deb and I got to slow-dance to that song in the aisle next to our table. Magic.

After the show we had the chance to thank Kendell personally for the song and what it means to us. He smiled, shook my hand and softly said, “Isn’t it what every man wants to tell his woman?”

Damned straight.

Every year, the twenty-sixth of October is a High Holy Day for Deb and me. In that spirit, then, today there will be no mention of politics.

Today is just for us. I have a feeling you’ll understand.

Take care of yourselves. Stay free.

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