Day 219

It’s Day 219 of the Ohio Shutdown and Day 155 of Dress Rehearsals for Post-Election Violence.

We’re doing just fine.

Deb’s been gone from the shop for some months, while I’m still there. The new regime is in place and doing things their way, such as it is. I’m adapting.

In situations like this, the marching orders are always the same: We hired you for a reason, now bring in more business. I have a front-row seat for that show, and let’s just say that it could be going better.

My experience in the corporate world lets me recognize a classic mistake — obsessing about building new business at the expense of long-time customers. The damage that does can be irreparable, even fatal to an enterprise. With little influence over the outcome myself, however, my instincts instruct me to keep doing the job I was hired to do and let the chips fall.

I’m not optimistic.

Yesterday I read a article, “11 Trillion Reasons To Fear Joe Biden’s Presidency.” It does an excellent job of cataloguing the threats he represents to our republic and its People — “bad news not just for the economy but for a wide range of libertarian concerns about things such as individual autonomy, free speech, school choice, and gun rights.”

As good as the Reason piece is, I wanted to dig deeper. I wanted to know from the candidate himself what’s in store if America is dumb enough to elect Sir Joseph of Hairy Legs and Chuckles the Hooker.

I went to the campaign’s website and clicked on “Joe’s Vision.” What I read there is enough to scare any thinking American to death — a toxic brew of emotional appeals to the Entitlement Class and identity whores, aimed at poisoning what’s left of the last best hope of earth.

The Democrat ticket makes it abundantly clear that the very survival of our country hangs in the balance next Tuesday. Conduct yourself accordingly.

It’s come to my attention that some folks are confused about where I stand on the whole WuFlu thing. So let’s review:

The virus is real.

The virus can pose a deadly threat to certain individuals.

The “crisis” was created by the State, aided by a captive media and amplified into hysteria by a fearful minority of the populace.

The mandates, measures and practices being imposed are, for the most part, “pandemic theater.”

The danger to “public health” has been — and continues to be — grossly exaggerated.

Only the news will get worse — not the virus.

The People are being manipulated by the State.

That’s not so confusing, is it?

Six days out from Election Day, we’re getting more reports of unrest. Not all of it is related to the election, to be sure, but if you understand the dynamics at work here, you know it serves as a running start for what’ll surely come down on us next week.

Please, my friends, get your things in order and your shit together.

If you don’t mind, I’ll close today with a plug — my Ubi Libertas blog now has a Facebook page of its own. Type @Ubi.Libertas or click here and give it a “Like.”

As always, I appreciate your kind attention. Take care of yourselves. Stay calm. Stay sharp. Stay free.

#WiseUp #LibertyOrDeath

(credit to Deb for today’s featured image)