Day 220

It’s Day 220 of the Ohio Shutdown and Day 156 of the Outrage Olympics.

Deb and I are good.

When you were a kid,” I asked Deb last night, “when did you go trick-or-treating?”

“On Halloween,” came the quick reply. “Always the thirty-first.”

“Me, too,” I said.

I think that’s pretty much true for people our age, but times have changed. These days parents have to check to see when their town holds The Official Government-Sanctioned Beggars’ Night. Ours is happening right now.

At some point America started moving, consolidating and diluting holidays. Presidents’ Day is just one example. And I don’t like it.

Oh, I don’t expect it to change. I’m just cranky.

Apparently our governor was in a hurry today — his press conference lasted less than an hour. Ever the pessimist, on this rainy Thursday he offered a ray of gloom:

“This virus is raging throughout the State of Ohio. There is no place to hide.”

He went on to chide Ohio citizens for daring to go about their lives.

“We’re seeing a lot of spread in small gatherings like retirement and birthday parties, bonfires, indoor movie nights, sleepovers, bridal showers, and family get-togethers.”

He also bleated about game-day watch parties, wedding receptions, crowded bars, house parties and extended family gatherings.

Extended-family gatherings? Like, say, Thanksgiving?


On that point the he got covering fire from Cleveland, where the county executive said,

“Thanksgiving is a wonderful time for family get-togethers — do it by Zoom.”

I swear I’m not making that up.

The people of The Great State of Ohio are weary, but we’re smart. We’re no longer living in fear. And the virus is doing what viruses do.

Pass the sweet-potato casserole.

The other day, now-Justice Amy Coney Barrett’s college sorority, Kappa Delta, tweeted its congratulations on her achievement. Less than 24 hours later the sorority was bullied by The Offended Class into deleting the tweet and issuing a syrupy apology.

Yesterday this perverse modern ritual repeated itself, this time with the Girl Scouts — tweet congratulations to Justice Barrett, catch self-righteous hell from The Progressive Mob, delete tweet, grovel.

If you don’t see this for the insanity it so clearly is, you’re an idiot.

Rush Limbaugh blew a gasket on the Girl Scouts’ capitulation this afternoon:

“This is just the continued assault on the United States of America. It’s an assault on American history. It’s an assault on American values. It is a direct assault on the traditions and institutions that have defined American Greatness.”

“They’re trying to destroy the definitions of this country. They’re trying to destroy everything that defines this country as unique and great. They’re trying to eliminate everything in this nation’s past that they find offensive.”

He’s right. Speaking as a former Boy Scout myself — another once-great institution decimated by social-justice warriors — this country’s bedrock traditions are under siege.

Pro tip: The problem won’t be solved by voting for Daffy McHairsniffer and Chuckles the Hooker next Tuesday. If they win, perish the thought, it’ll only get worse — much worse.

Philadelphia. Brooklyn. Washington. Portland. Unrest is spreading. It will continue.

Common sense tells us to prepare to protect ourselves, our families and our homes. But what about where we work?

If you own or manage a business, that’s on you — do whatever it takes, even if it means closing and boarding-up, to secure your shop and protect your employees. I advise getting in touch with a security professional and making it happen.

If you’re rank-and-file, demand — don’t suggest, demand — to know your employer’s security plan. This is not a drill.

Take care of yourselves. Stay calm. Stay sharp. Stay free.

#WiseUp #LibertyOrDeath #OhioAgainstDeWine

(credit for today’s featured image once again goes to Deb for the shot of our Dipstick)