Day 225

It’s Day 225 of The First Ohio Shutdown and Day 161 of The World’s Largest Puppet Show.

Deb and I are good. Thanks for asking.

Election Day 2020 dawned bright and cold here at Second Chance Ranch, an absolutely brilliant autumn day. Late this morning Deb and I walked out our back door, across the yard, up the hill and into our polling place.

The building brings together a handful of local precincts, so there’s often a line and a tolerable wait. Not today — the only person ahead of me was my wife. We were in and out in less than five minutes.

Four years ago, my vote for Trump was more defensive — against the Horror of Hillary — than it was confident. This time I stepped to the machine resolved and proud to cast that vote.


When the results come in, whatever they are and whenever that happens, we still have the same job to do. Seriously, nothing changes.

The Left will continue to hack away at America’s foundation. Liberty still will be under attack. Hate and violence will flourish, encouraged and even endorsed by Democrats and other progressives. The unmaking of America will not stop.

The difference will be who has their hands on levers of power — in The White House, certainly, but also in the U.S. Senate.

It falls to us, then, not the vapid “more perfect Union” crowd, to stand and fight for America. The passion behind those massive Trump rallies, parades and demonstrations must go on, striking down and plowing under all those who stand in the way of restoring America to its Founders’ vision.

No matter who wins, for the foreseeable future every day will be April 19th. You damned well better know which side you’re on.

Many of you are aware that I used to work the gun counter at a large local retailer. Shortly after that store opened its doors this morning, a former colleague reported that the wait for service was four hours.

I’ve worked those days. It’s no fun on either side of the gun counter, I can testify to that.

In related news, Deb got a call from a friend this afternoon who said that her daughter’s husband, a diehard Democrat, decided that today was the day he’d go out and buy his first gun. New baby and all that, dontcha know.

No word on whether he voted for the presidential ticket that promises to take that gun away from him.

It’s been a long time since these fits of panic-buying have surprised me. But I find it truly confounding that someone who owns a firearm — any firearm — could be dirt-stupid enough to have voted for Daffy & Chuckles. What the hell is wrong with you people?

Since my abrupt termination from my job on Friday, a number of folks have asked, “So are you retiring now?”

I’m not shy about retiring, but no, that day hasn’t come just yet.

I believe I’ll probably work, in one way or another, ’til the day I drop. Walking away from the working world is tempting, for sure, just not feasible.

Writing and photography will sustain me, if not support me. How does “semi-retired” sound?

Now, my friends, it’s gonna be a bumpy week (at least). Take care of yourselves. Stay calm. Stay sharp. Stay free.

#WiseUp #LibertyOrDeath

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