Day 226

It’s Day 226 of The First Ohio Shutdown and Day 162 of The Kind of America We’ll Get If Democrats Win The White House.

Deb and I, in all the ways that matter, are just fine.

The header image I’ve chosen today is from a weekend escape in late September. The leaves were just starting to turn. The weather was perfect, just chilly enough to make evening campfires more welcome and a morning cup of coffee taste even better.

I went with that photo because I wanted to remember those three days. We were miles away from our cares and concerns. Although we remained aware of a worrisome world, we’d stepped away from it for a moment.

Today we’re facing the disturbing reality that a majority of Americans have cast votes in favor of destroying their own country. And unless we’re gifted with a last-minute surprise, come January that destruction will officially commence.

As I’ve been writing about this presidential election over the last 18 months, and optimism aside, I’ve never invoked the word “landslide” or speculated about a “red wave.” Neither was grounded in cultural or political reality. I have, on the other hand, repeatedly said that we, as conservatives and lovers of Liberty, are greatly outnumbered by those who believe that dependence on government is a virtue to be celebrated.

I insisted that this election would hinge on turnout — and it has, in a way. Real Americans didn’t disappoint, showing up in admirable numbers. It’s unfortunate that we may be eclipsed by voters motivated by hatred of both this president and their country.

Yes, there’s still a chance that we’ll have four more years of America, but the flame of the Founders is flickering.

I don’t have a hateful bone in my body. If you know me, you know that. I acknowledge that a free society comes with diversity of thought — natural diversity and intellectually honest thought. I respect the right of others to hold different views and make different choices.

My views, informed by my principles, are my own. I don’t set out to be adversarial.

That said, if you pose a threat to my life, my physical safety, my property or my Liberty, you choose to be my adversary. If you threaten my family, you’re my adversary. And if you act against the country I love — a country I’d defend with my life — you’re most definitely my adversary.

At this point, I suppose, you might expect me to say that people with opposing views can still be friends. But let me be clear — if, as I define it, you choose to be my adversary, any civility you and I may exchange, socially or professionally, is artificial. You leave little room for friendship.

See, I’m not talking about simple differences of opinion here. I’m talking about manifest threats to me, my family and my country.

If you voted for the Democrat presidential ticket, along with everything the candidates and their party explicitly stand for, you voted for the murder of infants. You supported the confiscation of firearms and the disarmament of born-free, law-abiding citizens. You stood for the suppression of speech and the press. You opposed the apprehension and deportation of illegal aliens. You voted for stealing money from Americans who earned it and giving it to citizens — and non-citizens — who didn’t.

And that’s just a short list.

You chose to be my adversary. You get good and comfortable with that.

The Founders’ vision, that now-flickering flame… Patriots, the last best hope of Earth is in our hands. The work we have to do is the work we’ve always done. The fight today is the fight we’ve waged for 250 years, and the enemy is a familiar one. Our Liberty, granted at birth, must be defended.

As I said yesterday, every day is April 19th.

Take care of yourselves. Stay calm. Stay sharp. Stay free.

#WiseUp #LibertyOrDeath

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