Day 227

Today is Thursday, November 5th, 2020 — Day 227 of The First Ohio Shutdown and Day 163 of The Big Threat.

Deb and I are well.

Second Chance Ranch is situated in Fairfield County, Ohio. Lancaster, once a thriving industrial center, is the county seat. The rest of the county is a mix of farms, woodland and bedroom communities feeding the state capital.

It truly is “drive-through country,” the earthbound equivalent of “flyover country.” As such, Fairfield County leans hard to the political Right. It’s been that way for the last 75 years.

That suits us just fine.

Curious about how my neighbors voted in Tuesday’s election, last night I downloaded the unofficial results from the county board of elections. The first number that jumped out at me was turnout — of 109,000+ registered, more than 82,000 of us voted. That’s a strong 75%, which bests the projected 71% statewide and 67% nationally.

In the presidential race Trump got 60% of votes cast, giving him a 23% margin of victory in our county. That’s pretty consistent with my informal Ubi Libertas Yard Signs Poll, even accounting for our next-door neighbors planting five (count ’em) placards supporting the Democrat ticket.

Other results were similar, many even better. My OSU fraternity brother, Steve Stivers, was re-elected to Congress with a 35% margin here. State Senator Tim Schaffer, whose campaign signs we displayed at Second Chance Ranch, took Fairfield County by 31%. One state representative won his seat by a 19% margin, the other by a whopping 47%.

In ten county-wide races, from sheriff to prosecutor, treasurer to coroner, the Republican candidate was unopposed. One of the judicial races was close. But overall, on Tuesday just one Democrat got a majority of votes in our county, that for a seat on the state board of education.

Fairfield County, like anywhere else, has its share of problems. And no, the GOP isn’t the solution to all of them. But the results on Tuesday reaffirm that this a place where traditional values are rewarded. Here, America can survive.

This is Home.

The 2020 presidential election, which still hasn’t been officially decided, has now entered the posturing-and-litigation phase. The Republican and Democrat campaigns have retreated into familiar roles, which puts Trump and his supporters on the defensive.

With every hour that passes we’re seeing just how prepared Democrats were for this. It’s also clear how very few allies Trump has in the GOP, and it doesn’t help that the president himself is a graceless communicator.

So really, all the Democrats need to do right now is put on a show of confidence and gaslight the hell out of the American people. For cryin’ out loud, they’ve already launched the “transition” website.

But no matter how vaporous the Dems’ case and how poorly Trump conveys his message, the truth is that the president is right — election fraud is widespread and manipulation by the Left is out of control. The facts, which should be unsettling to any true American, are all there and beyond dispute.

It remains to be seen whether the courts will take Democrats to the woodshed over their wholesale corruption. Even if they do, it may not change the outcome of this election.

As expected, post-election unrest is on the rise and spreading to cities across the country — Portland, of course, but also New York, Detroit, Washington, Houston, Atlanta, Philadelphia, Kenosha and more.

Countless downtown business owners, the smart ones, have closed and boarded-up until the threat — this threat, anyway — passes. National Guard units have been put on standby and, in some cases, they’re staged to deploy into trouble spots. Deb and I saw evidence of this on Monday, 75 miles of convoys, hundreds of military vehicles headed south on the Interstate.

They’re ready. You be ready, too.

This weekend will tell the tale. Have the good sense to stay out of urban areas and potential hot spots until we know how this plays out.

Since I launched the Ubi Libertas Facebook page about ten days ago, I’ve watched it steadily draw a modest audience, and that’s been gratifying. Over the last 24 hours, however, for whatever reason, the number of followers has more than tripled.

Some are friends, or friends of friends. Deb promoted the page late yesterday, and I’m sure that a bunch came by way of her post. The rest I can’t explain.

(For the record, I haven’t seen any “Not today, ISIS” types and I haven’t snared any obvious ‘bots.)

Anyway, my sincere thanks to all who take time out of your lives to read and follow. I’m a fortunate man.

Take care of yourselves. Stay calm. Stay sharp. Stay free.

#WiseUp #LibertyOrDeath

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