Day 236

This is Day 236 of The First Ohio Shutdown, as well as Day 172 of If Black Lives Matter, You Sure Don’t Act Like It.

Deb and I are feeling our age. We may be alive, conscious and well, but another empty dumpster was delivered to her father’s house and we filled it to overflowing this afternoon. We’re sore, bruised, tired and pretty busted up at the moment.

Although we’d planned to go out this evening, that won’t happen. I’d probably need someone to lift my beer for me.

On the bright side — very bright, as a matter of fact — our labor at the house is done at last.

Today’s header image is from the “Million MAGA March” in Washington, DC. Tens of thousands of flag-waving, red-hat-wearing, pro-Trump Americans turned out to show support for this president. Trump himself, riding in The Beast, even drove through the crowd to express his appreciation.

Say what you want about the 2020 election and whether or not the courts will find sufficient fraud to overturn the presumptive outcome. You may or may not believe that the president’s legal challenges have a snowball’s chance of producing a second Trump term. What we should take from today’s demonstration, along with thousands of other rallies leading up to Election Day, is that the People who support Trump aren’t going away.

These are the true Americans. (If you think I’m hinting that Biden voters aren’t true Americans, you’re wrong — I’m not hinting.) These are the People who treasure the traditions, patriotism and exceptionalism that Make America Great. They back law enforcement, honor our military and don’t take kindly to disrespect of the American flag.

They’re marching. They’re rallying. They’re marching and rallying around this president — and for the Right, that’s new.

Color me surprised. I didn’t see this coming.

Leftists, the anti-American element that voted for Daffy McHairsniffer and Chuckles the Hooker, are fond of saying, “The People have spoken.” What they mean, I guess, is that the Democrat ticket got more votes than Trump did, so we should shut up and fall in line.

Yes, the People have spoken. But when we spoke, we also had something to say “down-ballot” — from coast to coast, the Right gained ground at all levels of government. Blue turned to red and red stayed solidly red. So as Democrats crow about the presidential election, they may have won a battle but lost the damned war.

It’ll be some time before we know if that down-ballot shift to the Right will have an effect. What we can say now is that true Americans have served notice — at the polls and in the streets — that we’re a force. We will not be ignored.

You may have noticed that I’ve been opening my posts recently by referring to “The First Ohio Shutdown.” That’s intentional — it’s become clear to me that the weak and indecisive DeWine will impose a second shutdown. All that’s in doubt is when he’ll do it.

The First Ohio Shutdown began on March 24th, eight days after the state’s bars and restaurants were ordered closed and three weeks after the governor squashed The Arnold. For over eight months my fellow Buckeyes and I have been subjected to DeWine’s totalitarian idiocy, an unending stream of fearmongering, changing rules, half-truths and outright lies. He likes to talk about how he’s “allowed more freedom,” but no one (with a brain) buys the tripe he’s selling.

In a speech last week he announced a Mask Mandate On Steroids, and he threatened to close bars and restaurants again unless the WuFlu numbers (which are manufactured by the State) improve — an unattainable standard and an impossible timeline.

There will be a Second Ohio Shutdown. It’s preordained. My money’s on next week.

Back in March, the original Ohio Shutdown went relatively smoothly. It was entirely rational to be apprehensive at the time about what could be a serious threat to “public health,” and most folks complied without protest. The governor squandered whatever goodwill he had, however, by repeatedly moving the goalposts and constantly changing the “rules.”

No one (with a brain) believes him anymore. His credibility, to the extent he had any, has vaporized. When he imposes the next shutdown, it won’t go as planned.

There will be resistance — hell, there already is, but next time I expect it’ll be outright, unapologetic disobedience. Businesses will refuse to close, change their hours or abide by arbitrary and capricious “orders.” I can imagine right-thinking patrons volunteering to stand watch at struggling small businesses, letting customers pass but turning away the State’s goon squads.

Bars, if need be, will go underground. Speakeasies. Blind pigs.

Individuals simply will decline to comply with “orders.” They’ll go to work, socialize with friends and come together with family at holiday gatherings. Screw the governor.

In short, we’re done with DeWine’s bullshit.

Take care of yourselves, Patriots. Stay calm. Stay sharp. Stay free.

#WiseUp #LibertyOrDeath #OhioAgainstDeWine

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