Day 237

It’s Day 237 of The First Ohio Shutdown and Day 173 of Daffy Daze & Racist Ways.

Deb and I continue to be well. It’s been a brutally windy Sunday here at Second Chance Ranch — gusts to 60mph, branches down, patio furniture blown around and the bracket holding our flagpole to our front porch post snapped clean off.

The good news is that Nature’s Leaf Blower once again is doing a bang-up job taking care of my yard work for me.

The end of the day saw our entire family gathered here at the house. We brought in dinner from Squeek’s Bar & Grill — an order of Bubba tenders and ‘fries for me, with celery and blue cheese.

Life is good.

The “Million MAGA March” in DC was, as I said yesterday, an encouraging affair. Seeing citizens mass in such great numbers, and for the right reasons, is a positive sign for our republic.

Of course, the Left can’t be havin’ any of that.

As darkness fell on the nation’s capital, The Mob crawled out of its hole and turned a day of patriotism into a night of violence. What the popular press call “counter-protesters” were nothing but thugs — the same Antifa and BLM suspects we’ve been seeing for 173 days now.

This anti-American scum set out to hunt, pursue and assault MAGA marchers who’d lingered, peacefully, into the evening. They attacked the elderly, families with young children, cops. It’s the same element that had merchants everywhere boarding up their storefronts around Election Day.

Daffy McHairsniffer’s surrogates were all over the Sunday talk shows today, of course. And time after time, when they were asked to condemn or disavow the violence perpetrated last night by Antifa and “Black Lives Matter,” they refused. Instead they deflected, bleated their talking points and, naturally, blamed Trump and his supporters for violence in general and yesterday in particular.

The reason is obvious — The Mob is the Democrat base. Even if the thugs themselves don’t vote, the violence they commit motivates those who do.

Violence and hate fuel the Democrat base. Violence and hate drove more than 78 million of them to the polls. Hatred of and violence against true Americans is at the core of the Democrat agenda.

If you pulled the lever for Daffy & Chuckles, that’s what you voted for.

Speaking of the presidential election, Democrats are raising the dishonorable practice of gaslighting to an art form. The plan, it seems, is that by repeating “president-elect” over and over, eventually it’ll have the force of fact.

Not so fast.

I suppose that if you sit and wait for mainstream media “decision desks” to declare the winner, and that’s your standard, then I’m sure you accept “president-elect” pretty much as an article of faith.

But if you have the smarts you were born with and a measure of curiosity, and you dig behind the popular narrative to look at the facts, what you’ll find is a presidential election that defies not odds but logic.

To embrace the presumptive outcome, one would have to believe that every convention was overturned, every reliable corollary severed, every precedent busted and every moment of electoral history revised.

If you want a comprehensive rundown of what I’m talking about, go to The Stream and read “I Believe Joe Biden Has Legitimately Won This Election” by Al Perrotta.

Truth is, I’m still waiting to hear a credible explanation of why the 2020 presidential election, on close and sincere examination, doesn’t pass a smell test.

Is it a five-million-vote sniff? Look at the facts and you tell me.

Although there’s nothing official yet, more and more credible sources are lining up to confirm that next week Ohio governor Richard Michael DeWine will announce that he’s shutting the state down for “four to six weeks.” My own sources corroborate that pessimistic outlook.

If you’ve been watching this governor, you know that won’t be the end of it. Making the rounds of the Sunday-morning talk shows today, he talked about “toughing it out” for “several months,” so that when a vaccine comes out “we’re all still here” after a “horrible, horrible winter.”

My friends, we have to quit subscribing to DeWine’s brand of hysteria. Based on facts and data — not just information fabricated and disseminated by the State, but the whole picture — there’s no justification for draconian measures.

None. Zero. Zilch.

The cure, as Trump asserted, can’t be worse than the disease. And here in Ohio, it is.

Take care of yourselves, Patriots. Stay calm. Stay sharp. Stay free.

#WiseUp #LibertyOrDeath #OhioAgainstDeWine

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