Day 244: Settling for better

Today is Day 244 of The First Ohio Shutdown, Day Four of DeWine’s Holiday Smackdown and Day 180 of The Race Incorporated Shareholders’ Meeting.

Deb and I are ok today. We spent our rainy Sunday doing what I believe is called “basking.”

No doubt about it, walking out the back door at Second Chance Ranch to find a forty-foot motorhome towering over, well, pretty much everything is damned heady. With the weather so damp and crappy, we took time today to check out various functions, catalog minor repairs and brainstorm about updating this and that.

I was in and out, focusing on systems and hooking it up to our shore power for the first time, while Deb was in the coach well after dark, planning and plotting.

I’m aware that this RV must appear extravagant, and sure, it’s a nice rig. But keep in mind that it was built over 16 years ago, before Deb and I had even met, so it’s not exactly packed with state-of-the-art tech. Even though it was extremely well cared for, the coach shows signs of age and wear.

Still, Beaver (now out of business) always built one helluva motorhome. In 2004 the company was owned by Monaco (also defunct), which had a similar reputation at the time. Plus, it’s a diesel — a Cummins, specifically, mated to an Allison transmission on a Freightliner Roadmaster chassis. So we feel pretty good about our choice.

Since we’re not addicted to latest-and-greatest, we decided that a good used coach was the right way to go. Now here’s a pro tip:

If you have the slightest interest in what’s out there, spend 15 minutes on RV Trader and you’ll uncover more possibilities than you can imagine — new as well as used, but pre-owned is where the smart money is. It’s like the popular website Swappa, in a way, but for the RV shopper who’d rather let someone else take a depreciation hit.

We certainly were fortunate to find this particular Beaver within a few hours of home. And with the RV market as hot as it is right now, we could’ve turned right around and sold it for a cool 20% profit.

Not a chance. Ernie’s staying with us.

If you’ve been following the post election drama, you know that Trump may be running out of road. His legal team is getting virtually no traction in the courts, and that surprises me — these are sharp, respected lawyers, and yet they’re waltzing before judge after judge without the ammunition required to advance their cases.

Evidence. Evidence and standing. Evidence, standing and demonstrable harm.

What does surprise me, I suppose, is how many of my like-minded friends and allies aren’t holding Trump and his team to the same rigorous standard they demanded of Democrats during the impeachment fiasco (to name just one example). Some have even condemned once-darling conservative-media types for having the intellectual honesty to insist that Giuliani, Powell et al put up or shut up.

It’s as if these intractable Trump supporters are auditioning for a role in Adam Schiff: The Musical. Watching this legal shitshow and not calling it out is the very definition of hypocrisy.

What happened in this election, if you ask me, happened because corrupt Democrats ate sleeping Republicans’ lunch. It was illegal and un-American — and it was masterfully executed.

The remedy for that electoral atrocity is in the courts, and courts require evidence. Not passion, not enthusiasm, not righteousness — evidence.

Don’t blame me if I make the same demand.

Take care of yourselves, Patriots. Stay free.

#WiseUp #LibertyOrDeath

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