Day 245: The heat is on

It’s Day 245 of The First Ohio Shutdown, Day Five of The Governor’s Sneak Attack on Business & Family, and Day 181 of Rewarding Racism.

Deb and I are doing great. Our plans to have dinner this evening with a business contact were derailed at the last minute, but we went out anyway, just the two of us, and enjoyed a wonderful meal and quiet conversation.

We really need to do that more often.

I winterized the Bumper Bunker, our travel trailer, in early October, draining the fresh-water tank and purging the plumbing with compressed air. The motorhome we brought home on Saturday has never been winterized, having spent all of its cold-weather months either in a heated garage or in a warmer climate.

With temperatures trending down, including a predicted low of 29 degrees tonight, that’s a potential problem. Knowing that, one of my first tasks has been to put the rig’s heating systems in order.

Over the last two days I confirmed that the heat-pump function of the two roof-top air conditioners works and works well. The gas furnace in the rear of the coach fires and puts out a decent amount of heat but, for reasons I haven’t yet figured out, the front furnace doesn’t fire.

The heat pumps operate only down to 30 degrees, when they shut off and kick the furnaces on. Since the expected low tonight will fall just below that, and with a near-full LP tank, I decided to simply run the rear furnace. Setting the thermostat at 68 degrees and opening the cabinet doors throughout the coach should keep everything “upstairs” plenty warm enough.

Then, of course, there’s the matter of the holding tanks. Fortunately, this coach is equipped with a small, thermostat-controlled radiant heater in the “basement.” The previous owner said he’d never used it, never even flipped the switch to test it. This afternoon I was relieved to find that it functions just fine.

So we should be good. I’ll know more, including the rate of LP consumption, in the morning.

Although I don’t often comment on the totalitarian nonsense going on in other states, this evening I feel compelled to say that one Andrew Mark Cuomo, governor of The People’s Republic of New York, may well be the most horrible person on the face of the Earth.

Anyone with a conscience and a lick of sense knows that. If somehow you don’t know, ask Fox News Channel meteorologist Janice Dean, whose in-laws (along with thousand of other nursing-home residents in New York, essentially were sent to their deaths by Cuomo.

And today, the International Academy of Television Arts and Sciences presented the murderous governor with an Emmy Award.

For his WuFlu press conferences.


On what planet, in what free nation, is that ok?

Our own governor couldn’t wait for his regular Tuesday presser to fan the flames of fear. Today, almost gleefully, he sounded the alarm about a what he says is a significant “surge” in Ohio’s WuFlu cases, hospitalizations and ICU admissions. He appeared pleased to be bearing bad news, numbers that confirmed months of pessimism.

My first reaction, irrespective of whether the numbers are real, was to wonder how warnings issued by a governor who’s been repeatedly and wildly wrong can be taken seriously.

It also occured to me that if there is, indeed, a “surge” in WuFlu infections and the corresponding effects, it was engineered by the State. Its gross overreaction in the early months of the “pandemic” — that is, shutting down our economy, quarantining healthy citizens as if that’s ever been a scientifically sound response to such a threat — served only to postpone (and perhaps to amplify) the inevitable.

The governor also suggested today that if I’m having family over for Thanksgiving, they damn well better have been in quarantine for the last two weeks.


When idiots like DeWine and Cuomo tell us that an alleged spike in WuFlu is our fault, the result of not complying with their decrees, we don’t believe it. We shouldn’t believe it. This is on them.

Take care of yourselves, Patriots. Stay free.

#WiseUp #LibertyOrDeath

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