Day 248: Thanks

This is Thanksgiving Day, 2020 — the first day of the second week of a three-week statewide curfew that’s supposed to be lifted on December 10th (but it won’t be).

You’ll forgive me if that’s the last I’ll say in this post about current events.

Deb and I are just fine. We spent the day at home with the dogs and our own gratitude, thankful for the freedom to live our very best American Life. A kind neighbor brought us bonus food from their family table and left it at the back door. It’s been perhaps the most untraditional Thanksgiving either of us has experienced.

And it’s been great.

I snapped the header image for this post on our “Maiden Voyage” back in July, a few minutes after Deb and I had set the Bumper Bunker on its very first campsite. The drive down to Hocking County notwithstanding, the moment captured in this photo was a beginning — the start of a new direction, an unexpected shift in focus and energy.

It might be the best thing that’s happened to us. Seriously.

These days we’re about the task of gathering ourselves and putting plans in place to continue in that direction. There’s much to do, probably three months of concerted effort, maybe four, and it all has to happen during the inhospitable Ohio winter. But the day will come when we’ll flip a switch — and flip the script on our American Life.

On that day, you’re gonna think we’re certifiably nuts.

Hell, I’m sure you already do.

Today and every day I’m thankful to have been born an American. I’m grateful for my fellow Patriots — y’all take care of yourselves. Stay free.

#WiseUp #LibertyOrDeath

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