Day 249: Black Friday Matters

It’s Day 249 of The First Ohio Shutdown, Day Nine of Ohio’s statewide ten o’clock curfew and Day 185 of an America in which a Holocaust museum thinks adding a George Floyd exhibit is a swell idea.

I swear I’m not making that up. If the presumptive result of the 2020 presidential election holds, we’ll see much more of this, and worse, under a Daffy-Chuckles administration.

Deb and I are well on this Black Friday. Both of us have memories of participating in the annual shopping blitz, battling crowds at malls and big-box stores, chasing deep discounts. Today we have neither the need nor the interest.

Honestly, we’re too old for that shit.

Not all of my Black Friday recollections are soured by the commercial crush. I’m remembering one in particular, decades ago, that involved an early-morning drive to Boston’s Faneuil Hall Marketplace and Quincy Market — an open-air atmosphere of cheer and music and lights. Snow fell gently on shoppers strolling the cobblestone promenades. Everyone seemed to have a smile and a kind word. It was a wonderful day.

And the history of the place, truly the wellspring of the Revolution, was inescapable. The Founders walked those streets. Samuel Adams, James Otis and the day’s other firebrands exhorted their fellow colonials there, urging them to fight for independence from the Crown.

I’m pretty sure that Adams, Otis and their contemporaries would be furious at what Massachusetts has become. I know I am. I doubt I’ll ever go back.

While sipping coffee at my desk this morning, I glanced at the weather forecast — rain is coming early Monday, changing to snow by afternoon. We may get no accumulation at all, of course, but some models are giving us as much as six inches of the white stuff by Tuesday afternoon, along with lows in the 20s for the foreseeable future.

That means I’ll be winterizing the bus tomorrow.

I got a head-start on the process today, unhooking from shore power temporarily and firing up the engine and generator to let them run a while. We brought the slideouts back in, where they’ll likely stay until the weather breaks and we can clean the floors thoroughly.

It’s tethered to 30A again now, 75 feet of power cord routed across the driveway more sensibly than before. I’ll break out the compressor and the antifreeze in the morning and we’ll get the job done.

The Electoral College will meet on December 14th to vote on the 2020 presidential election. The clock is ticking down on Trump’s chances to prevail in the courts, and he knows that. His advocates know that. Everyone knows that.

What we’ll get two weeks from Monday, most likely, is the official certification of a president-elect produced by masterful corruption of a sacred rite of citizenship.

Those of us who voted for Trump always knew how destructive a Daffy McHairsniffer presidency would be for America. The last few weeks have confirmed our fears (and then some). From saber-rattling about first-day executive orders to the floating of names for cabinet posts, it’s clear that this presidency will be an unprecedented panderfest, an appease-o-rama catering to the worst of America.

The campaign motto, “Build Back Better,” will become “Build Back Begging.” Daffy and his emissaries will trot the globe and apologize for the greatest country on Earth. They’ll grovel before The Mob, throwing reparations at every hokey identity and every contrived interest. As promised, America will be fundamentally transformed, our traditions changed and our history erased.

We’re in for a rough go — true Americans, that is. Time will tell how fast it’ll happen and just how violent it’ll be.

An unexpected compliment came my way yesterday — another blogger, The Republic Watch, tapped Ubi Libertas as “a blog worth following.” We take different tacks toward the same end — Liberty — but we’re like-minded friends and and allies. The Republic Watch has more of a substantive, activist bent.

Each of us has a role to play. I’m humbled that The Republic Watch considers mine to be worthy.

Take care of yourselves, Patriots. Stay free.

#WiseUp #LibertyOrDeath

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(Today’s header image is from an August escape to Muskingum County.)

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