Housekeeping, Black Friday

“Typo” is short for “typographical error.” I hate typos. To me they’re a sign of poor discipline and a lack of attention to details.

My own typos have gotten way out of hand lately. I’m well aware of that. There’s no excuse for it.

Deb, bless her heart (and I mean that in a nice way), catches some of my flubs. I pick up others when I go back and re-read what I’ve posted. The number of screwups we’ve found recently has me stewing, quietly.

I do crank out a lot of words. I don’t have an editor. My tendency to tweak and fiddle makes my writing prone to errors. I know all that.

You deserve better. I’ll pay more attention. I probably need to slow down.

It’s come to my attention that some of you may miss content that I incorporate into these posts. Those of you who read Ubi Libertas Blog on your phone or tablet might not see all of the images published here.

Let’s fix that.

Often I’ll post multiple photos in a gallery. On a desktop or laptop computer, all of the images display in a grid — clicking on one launches a slide show, allowing you to tab through them one at a time. Mobile devices, I’m learning, don’t necessarily do that.

What you’ll get is a thumbnail of the first image in the gallery. There’s a sneaky little arrow near the right-hand edge of the thumbnail, a subtle clue that there’s more to see. To view the other images, tap the arrow or simply swipe.

You also can tap on the center of the thumbnail, which will launch a higher-resolution slide show. Then tap or swipe.

Except on those rare occasions when I’m without WiFi, I use a laptop computer to compose and publish posts to Ubi Libertas Blog. I don’t always take time to preview how they’ll look on a tablet or mobile phone, so it took me a while to notice this.

Sorry ’bout that. I hope this helps.

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It’s been many years since Deb and I hit the stores on Black Friday. For us there’s no point to it — lots of over-hyped “doorbuster” deals aren’t deals at all, and we’re not the least bit interested in being part of the madding crowd.

With a little digging, though, real bargains can be had today. That’s what the Web is for.

We’re not buying gifts (for each other or anyone else) and we’re not treating ourselves to luxuries — these days we’re on a mission, and our mission is The Mountain. We have a list of specific items we’ll require to fill specific needs.

This morning, for example, I replaced my cold-weather boots with a pair of Merrells I’d been watching for months — a Black Friday deal saved me 57% and shipping was free. On the Home Depot website Deb spied a sweet price on a 22-foot articulating ladder, which we picked up curbside at the Harrison store this afternoon.

I scored at Home Depot, too, checking a number of boxes on our wishlist of power tools. I found a DeWalt 20V “combo kit” that includes four tools, two batteries and a charger, saving me hundreds off what I might’ve spent buying them separately — plus the Black Friday deal added a “free” circular saw and another 20V tool of my choice. (I decided on a jigsaw.) Free shipping, too.

All six of those tools can share batteries with Deb’s new DeWalt 20V chainsaw. That’s a huge advantage.

A couple of caveats. First, the cordless circular saw is both lightweight and takes a 6-1/2″ blade — not ideal for serious work, and I’ll likely pick up a heavier-duty corded 7-1/4″ saw at some point. Second, the kit includes an “oscillating tool,” something I’ve never used (and it wasn’t on my list), though I’ve heard it’s handy as hell. We’ll see.

That these are cordless tools will be incredibly useful as we move forward. It’ll be a while before our house has electric (even after it’s up), and right now there’s no power to our shed. With enough charged batteries, we could deploy these tools anywhere on our 20 wooded acres. Anyplace can be a jobsite.

I believe this purchase covers our needs for battery-powered tools, with the possible exception of a finish nailer and a palm sander Deb has her eye on. As I said, we’ll add a corded circular saw. We’re still researching our options for a framing nailer and a miter saw.

This is a good start. Truth is, it’s a lot better than that. We’ll have everything in-hand by Wednesday.

Take care of yourselves, Patriots. Stay calm. Stay sharp. Stay free.

#WiseUp #LibertyOrDeath

#LetsGoBrandon #FJB

Here’s a black-and-white version of an image from yesterday’s post. What looks like a trail in the center of the photo actually is a range for sighting-in hunting rifles.

From a murky Thanksgiving Day on The Mountain to a bright Black Friday, here’s the difference 24 hours made not far from the summit — same spot, same time of day. It’s a good illustration of how unreliable navigating visually can be when conditions change.

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