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Going back to something I said a few weeks ago — that it must seem like “we’re makin’ it all up” about building on The Mountain — yesterday’s post may have had you scratchin’ your head again. This was at least the fifth time over the last year that we’ve established the footprint of the house, and maybe you’re wondering why that’s necessary, over and over.

I’m new to the process myself, and yet nobody had to explain that to me. It makes perfect sense.

The first and most obvious reason we keep resetting the boundaries is that the site itself has dictated dozens of adjustments along the way. The second is that we wanted to orient the front of the house more toward the west, in the direction of the south driveway apron. And third, every time we push major dirt on The Mountain it suggests a change or two, sometimes shifting or even erasing previous marks.

Thursday’s redrawing will be the last. It establishes where the foundation will be dug.

Yes, it’s taking a long time to get this done. There are a bunch of reasons for that, chief among them the maddening months it took to close the sale of Second Chance Ranch, but also weather, the seasons and simple scheduling. I stress a lot less about delays than Deb does, knowing that getting anxious solves nothing and being demanding accomplishes even less.

A lifetime of personal and professional experience instructs me that patience is the way forward.

Budget is yet another consideration. We’ve learned how to use it to our advantage.

‘Either you have more money than time or you have more time than money,” our contractor said some months ago. “If you’re in a hurry, get ready to pay. If you have time, you can save a good bit.”

That’s why we’re ok with a weekender digging our foundation. We saved money (over the going rate) on our well, waiting for our driller to be in the area instead of demanding that he do the job sooner. We wait for sales on items we’ll need, from tools to appliances.

It also helps having the discipline to trust ourselves and stay the course.

It’s true that waiting and saving don’t build a homestead on their own. We know what we want and we remain resolved. But despite how long we’ve been at this already, and with much more still to do, we feel great.

This is the way.

“[Perceived gender roles] is something I have thought about a lot, I’ve spoken about a lot. There’s too much of toxicity — masculine toxicity out there, and we’ve kind of confused what it means to be a man, what it means to be masculine. You’ve got this trope out there where you have to be tough, and angry, and lash out, to be strong. I think it is just the opposite.”

The Second Gentleperson, husband of Chuckles Harris, in an interview this week

It was still raining when we got up this morning. We expected that. Though we never did get much overnight in the way of storms, folks south of us and in other states sure did. By the time it’s all over and a cold wind kicks up this afternoon, we will have seen about three inches of rain — less than was predicted.

We do have a moat today. Actually, it’s more of a lagoon.

Early this afternoon we’ll take Smudge to her weekly training session. We’ll pick up a few groceries on our way back to the campground.

The upcoming weekend looks absolutely beautiful. Monday does, too. We reserve the right to change our minds, but right now I think we’ll let tomorrow’s work on The Mountain happen without us — a watched pot and all that. We’ll return on Sunday, I believe.

Or Monday. Maybe both.

Take care of yourselves, Patriots. Stay calm. Stay sharp. Stay free.

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