Sometimes I laugh because it’s all I can do.

Our contractor, according to plan, picked up the rock hammer yesterday. He brought it back to his shop and installed it on his backhoe. When he tried to test its function, the tool wouldn’t fire.

That’s on the rental company, of course. These things are specific to the base vehicle to which they attach, and this was the only rock hammer available for our guy’s backhoe. And the rental company’s mechanic won’t be back ’til next week — he and his wife are on a marriage retreat.

I swear I’m not makin’ that up.

When our contractor called me last night and told me the story, I couldn’t be angry. Hell, I couldn’t even be disappointed. Neither of those emotional reactions changes the situation. No matter how much or how little I fret, work on The Mountain has been pushed back another week.

“We’re gonna get you in your house,” our contractor said on the phone. I think it was the first time he’d said it just that way. That’s a good sign.

We’re still all smiles here. We might even be chucklin’ a little bit. Life is good.

Take care of yourselves, Patriots. Stay calm. Stay sharp. Stay free.

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