Day 282: Fondly remembered

Here in Ohio we’ve had 267 extra days to “flatten the curve,” and an unenforceable 21-day curfew now has been in effect twice as long as originally advertised.

Deb and I are doing well. Status quo, as they say.

Flashing back yesterday to our 2012 trip to West (By God) Virginia triggered memories of the vehicle that took us there, a 2005 Chevy TrailBlazer. I’d picked it up used in 2008 when this family fell on hard times and we were forced to trade a pair of much sexier vehicles, holdovers from my bachelorhood, for a plain-vanilla SUV.

As painful as that was at the time, it remains one of the wisest moves I’ve ever made.

The made-in-Ohio TrailBlazer was, in a word, capable — body-on-frame construction, indestructible inline-six engine, rear-wheel and actual four-wheel drive, respectable ground clearance and scads of cargo room. It saw 20mpg only once or twice, but the range was adequate and it was plenty efficient enough for us.

In eight-plus years it did absolutely everything we asked of it. Short hop or long trip it hauled kids, dogs, groceries, mulch and fresh-cut Christmas trees. Late one night we plowed confidently through two feet of snow — on all-season tires, no less — in the Virginia mountains to reach an isolated family friend. We loaded it to the gunwales, over and over, and moved our entire household across town (in two dozen trips).

About four years ago the trusty little truck developed a confounding transmission leak, and it was time to let it go. It went to a friend who fixed it and drove it some more.

I replaced the TrailBlazer with a third-generation Toyota Tacoma, a decision which proved to be just as smart as going with that used Chevy a dozen years ago. I’m now into my second Tacoma, with no regrets. But I still tend a stash of good memories of the little white SUV we bought because we had to.

(Incidentally, I saw recently that Chevy has brought back the Trailblazer badge. The 2021 model, however, bears no resemblance to the version I owned, which GM stopped producing in 2008. Unibody, anemic four-cylinder, FWD/AWD, jellybean — it’s a car. No, thank you.)

Every year around this time, the Gallup organization announces the results of its “Most Admired” poll. Unlike misbegotten “person of the year” distinctions, which are decided by editors, Gallup actually asks Americans what they think.

From 2015 through 2018, Trump finished second to POTUS #44 in the poll. In 2019 the two were tied. This year it was Trump for the win over 44, 18% to 15%.

Finishing as 2020’s third-most-admired man was Daffy McHairsniffer, losing to Trump by a 3-to-1 margin. You also should know that Trump bested Fauci by 6-to-1 and the pope by 9-to-1.

In the “most admired woman” poll, Chuckles the Hooker finished second with exactly the same share that Daffy got on the men’s side — 6%.

I won’t get into a critique of Gallup’s methodology, nor am I inclined to give this poll more significance than it deserves. I will say, though, that it’s been a long time since anyone from the political Right has had more than a puncher’s chance to come out on top.

What we have here is a clue — yet another clue.

Sorry, but considering all of the clues in front of us, an intelligent person would have to be falling-down drunk on the improbable, the implausible and the inconceivable to believe that Daffy McHairsniffer got anywhere close to 81,268,867 legally cast votes in last month’s presidential election. There was no enthusiasm for the ticket during the campaign, there’s no enthusiasm now, and there’s been no credible explanation for a clearly incredible electoral outcome.

Until I’m presented with such an explanation, I’ll remain convinced that this election represents the biggest crime in American history. But unless what Democrats did can be proven, it may go down as The Perfect Crime.

The video of Tucker Carlson‘s speech at Turning Point USA’s “Student Action Summit,” held in Florida earlier this month, has gone viral for good reason. It’s safe to say that most of us who appreciate hearing his perspective five nights a week have wondered what he’d say if he slipped the Fox News chain.

Well, now we know. Here’s an excerpt:

“…Anyone who tells you that your real loyalty’s got to be to some larger group of people — some political group, or some group of people who look like you — give ’em the middle finger. Those are your enemies.”

I can’t recommend this highly enough, People. Click HERE, skip ahead to the 2:35 mark, sit up straight and pay attention.

Take care of yourselves, Patriots. Stay free.

#WiseUp #LibertyOrDeath

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