Day 283: Day 366

We’ve been pretending to “flatten the curve” for 283 days, according to the hash marks I’ve scratched on the rock, and for 43 of those days we’ve been ordered to be home by 10pm.

I also notice that it’s a Thursday, which is something I’ve had to stop and think about lately. Semi-retirement will do that, apparently.

And it’s New Year’s Eve. Deb and I are just fine.

Tonight, as usual on New Year’s Eve, we’ll be staying put. That has absolutely nothing to do with caution, or fear, or State decrees, or anything but our personal choice to avoid the ritual nonsense. It’s just not our thing.

We have our own traditions. I expect we’ll share a humble gnosh and drink a beer or three, kiss at the chime of midnight and then go to bed. Tomorrow we’ll prepare a meal that symbolizes prosperity and good fortune.

See why we don’t go out on New Year’s? We’d just poop your party.

Richard Michael DeWine, this is for you.

If there’s a good reason to party tonight, en masse in the regular way, it’s that it thrusts a principled thumb into the eye of a State that’s spent the last ten months trying to crush individual Liberty.

Get together in groups. Stay out all night. Drive the Karens nuts.

Refuse to live in fear. Be an American.

I say that attending a New Year’s Eve party, or throwing one, in defiance of State “orders” is an admirable act of patriotic disobedience. At a time when governments fail to perform their primary duty, to defend Liberty, the proper American response is to seize it ourselves.

Gather like minds. Banish the loyalists. Exile anyone who seeks to sabotage our Liberty or willfully gives up theirs.

Be smart. Party on.

Take care of yourselves, Patriots. Stay free. Happy New Year.

#WiseUp #LibertyOrDeath #HappyNewYear