Day 321: Trains & planes, but not automobiles (yet)

It’s Sunday, the Seventh of February, 2021. This is Day 321 of 15 Days to Flatten the Curve and Day 81 of Ohio’s 21-day WuFlu Curfew.

Deb and I are ok this weekend. (If you don’t believe me, check out the drop-caps in today’s post.)

As promised, today’s header image again reaches back to July’s “maiden voyage” with the Bumper Bunker. For simplicity’s sake we’d chosen a pull-through site, postponing The First Backing of the Trailer (onto a campsite, anyway) ’til the second time out.

By the time I snapped this we were unhitched, jacks down and box leveled, and we were connected to 30A shore power. The dogs, leashed, were exploring their new world. We’d already draped the picnic table, unrolled a mat, planted a pair of chairs and hung out our very ‘Merican shingle (pictured).

It was the first time that Deb, Scout, The ‘Stick and I were settled on a campsite. We were all smiling.

Ohio currently has one U.S. Senator from the Republican establishment and one raspy, radical Democrat. The two-term Republican recently announced that he won’t seek re-election in 2022, which created a scrum the likes of which most Buckeyes have never seen.

The handicappers’ “short list” runs to three pages.

While The Great State of Ohio generally leans right, often it lets major population centers choose the winners of statewide races. Unless the state GOP or a viable third party puts up a strong candidate that can draw true Americans to the polls, I fear that’s what’ll happen again next year.

You can guess what the Democrats’ plan is — pander to identity, of course. That’s all they have. The mayor of Dayton, who runs her city like it’s a communist state, summed it up perfectly:

“As the Democratic Party, we have done the same thing over and over and over again, which is to run white men, and we haven’t been successful.”

The most laughable of the potential candidates is Doctor Danger, aka Amy Achtung, former state Minister of Health. She’s the brittle little leftist who issued the original orders that crushed Ohio’s economy and decimated our culture, before she herself crumbled under the weight of the widespread derision she’d earned.

Adoration was what she expected and, since she up and quit when she was criticized, adoration was all she was prepared to accept. She took a position with a local foundation to head an initiative called “Kind Columbus,” which seeks “to build community through acts of unconditional kindness by amplifying and enabling empathetic and compassionate actions blah blah blah.”

She quit that job, too.

Her oh-so-appropriate crash-landings still give me a chuckle. I’d actually like to see her get the Democrat nomination for the Senate, just to watch her snap again.

Are there right-thinking Buckeyes I’d favor for the soon-to-be-open Senate seat? Absolutely. None have announced, however, some haven’t (yet) expressed interest and at least one has initially declined. I’ll let the process run a while longer before I name names.

Keeping up with the torrent of new executive orders can be a full-time job. The Daffy Decrees, their anti-American substance notwithstanding, have set an ominous record for autocratic and extra-constitutional action, far outpacing previous presidents.

Give the creepy old guy credit, though, for making good on one of his campaign promises: “We choose truth over facts.” And there’s no better example of fact-free totalitarian “truth” than mask hysteria, which the Daffy’n’Chuckles administration is only too happy to inflame.

We’re now required to slap on a face diaper any time we’re on federal property, or if we’re traveling via federally regulated transportation like commercial rail and aircraft. Commercial buses, too. (The unscientific edict doesn’t apply to private citizens driving private vehicles on the Interstate Highway System — not yet, anyway.) The TSA will cite us, too, levying fines as high as $1,500 for each violation and brandishing the threat of incarceration, if we don’t accept The Official Reality.

It’s worth pointing out here, in this representative constitutional republic of ours, that the People had no voice and the Constitution was steamrolled in issuing this decree.

Deb and I have taken particular note of how The Mindless Mass-Masking Mandate might affect the kind of traveling we plan to do. See, although we won’t be boarding a train or a plane, it’s entirely possible that we’ll be treading onto federal lands — National Park Service, Forest Service, Bureau of Land Management and so on.

So let’s say we’re boondocking alone in a remote area. Just how far will the feds go to make sure that we’re complying with Daffy’s Dumbass Diaper Decree? I dropped in on the NPS website to check out The Rules:

“Visitors are required to wear face masks in federal buildings including visitor centers, historic structures, and museums. When outdoors, face masks are required on NPS-managed lands when physical distance cannot be maintained.”

That strikes me as a fairly rational application of a patently irrational policy. The NPS makes no mention of the penalties for failing to be a compliant little subject, which doesn’t surprise me.

Overall, of course, The Mindless Mass-Masking Mandate is pathetic public policy. No matter how carefully our Betters enunciate their talking points, it doesn’t reflect facts or “science” — it adheres to The Holy Narrative. It takes common (if ill-advised) practice and makes it a big ol’ rule, and only for political show.

Daffy’s Dumbass Diaper Decree makes about as much sense as imposing a curfew covering hours when most folks are home and in bed anyway — “Because you’ll believe anything.”

Take care of yourselves, Patriots. Stay calm. Stay sharp. Stay free.

#WiseUp #LibertyOrDeath