This is Day 324 of flattening a curve that can’t be and Day 84 of a curfew that isn’t.

Deb and I are ok.

We got another six inches of snow, maybe a bit more, here at Second Chance Ranch on Monday night, just like last week. As I was out doing my minimal shoveling late yesterday morning, it looked to me like we had a good ten inches on the ground.

That maddening layer of ice is still underneath it all. I’m not even challenging it. And our mailbox is still down.

A little more of the white stuff is coming our way today and tonight — just a few inches, they say — and again Saturday. And we’re bracing for the weekend, which promises overnight lows around -5°F. It’s been a couple of years since we’ve seen even 0°F ’round here, so a sub-zero forecast has our attention.

We should be in the low 40s this time of year. Nature’s just messin’ with us now.

In today’s header image from last July’s “maiden voyage,” we’re hitched up and ready to head home. I was sitting behind the wheel, the rig parked at the top of the hill near the camp store, while Deb did a final walk-around before we rolled out.

We’d just finished logging another first — the inaugural dumping of the Bumper Bunker’s black- and gray-water tanks. Earlier that morning, while striking camp and packing gear, we talked through how we’d tackle the task, step-by-step. Planning paid off in a drama-free dump.


This also was our first leaving, the first time we’d faced the end of a weekend escape, the first we’d sipped fresh-perked coffee outside the Bunker and felt those now-familiar wish-we-could-stay-a-little-longer pangs.

Deb returned to the truck, gave me a thumbs-up and we coasted down toward the main road. Both of us, and even the dogs, were smiling. We knew — and I mean knew — that this was for us.

Calls for “unity” from despicable leftists and mindless moderates have become much more strident, confirming what we’ve known for a long time now — that what they really want is submission, not unity. It didn’t take long for the façade to fall.

These people are showing us exactly who they are. They don’t even try to hide it any more.

We were warned.

There may be no better illustrations of what’s in store for us than the soon-to-be-open U.S. border and the ongoing “security” presence in the nation’s capital. To the south, the Daffy’n’Chuckles administration has swung wide the door, signaling its virtue by effectively abolishing ICE.

Meanwhile, in Washington the grotesque brandishing of force that accompanied Daffy’s invitation-only inauguration likely will become permanent. Democrats are pounding the table, hysterically demanding that the capitol itself be walled-off. The seat of our representative constitutional republic would sit behind a barrier, our Betters within protected by armed troops from the We, the People.

Each is a step toward The Unmaking of America. Both expose the anti-American aims of Democrats and their progressive allies.

The former is a gross example of The Upside-Down World of the Left. The primary purposes of an international border are a) to establish the sovereignty of a nation and b) to ensure the security of its citizens. (No, a border doesn’t exist fundamentally as a chance to exercise compassion.)

The proper enforcement of a national border means executing the sovereignty-and-security mission with as much humanity as that mission allows. What we got under POTUS #44, and what we’re getting again with Daffy’n’Chuckles, are immigration policies that focus primarily on emotion, not enforcement.

National sovereignty? Meh. Security? You heartless bastards — think of the children!

The show in DC is just that — security theater. Official attempts to ‘splain the charade have been vague. The regime won’t try to justify the police state because they can’t — there’s no intellectually honest rationale for domestic security on this scale, none that otherwise wouldn’t be evident.

The purpose of the security show is singular and obvious. Previously I said that Daffy and the crew of his pirate ship are seeking to marginalize the opposition, but I’ve realized that doesn’t quite capture what’s happening here. The continuing military presence in the nation’s capital clearly is an effort to demonize us.

So America has a military cordon around its government and a lawless free-for-all at its border. The State is behind a wall, while the People are deprived of a secure border — at the same time that the State is actively working to disarm law-abiding citizens.

As a bonus, we have a senile old creep in the Oval Office, and a radical leftist hooker waiting in the wings just itchin’ for Daffy to face-plant in his breakfast cereal.

What could possibly go wrong?

Take care of yourselves, Patriots. Stay calm. Stay sharp. Stay free.

#WiseUp #LibertyOrDeath

*WBMFTTSTNE = cryptic ’70s music reference. Look it up.

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