Day 327: Two good dogs, one good bar & a word of advice

This is Day 327 of 15 Days to Flatten the Curve. Deb and I are just great.

This post’s header image, a snapshot Deb took in our living room the other day, captures “that look” — it’s our girl Scout, our companion for over 10 years now, the reigning Sweetest Dog Who’s Ever Lived. She’s my heart’s delight, in this moment showing the quiet adoration we’ve come to know.

And those ears. They’ve been that way — one up, one down — since she was a puppy.

I have to say that one of the best things about our escapes in the Bumper Bunker was bringing the dogs along with us. For travel we installed a temporary “dog hammock” in the back seat of my Tacoma, protecting the interior and giving them a comfortable and secure place to ride. Both Scout and the incorrigible Dipstick took to it quickly and well.

Once we arrived at a campground, Deb would get out and guide me as I parked the trailer on our site. Then we’d leash the pups and give them a chance to explore a bit before putting them inside while we unhitched, dropped the jacks and set up our outdoor camp.

The Bunker is one very small travel trailer — just a 20-foot box with a queen-size bed, a small galley, a two-person dinette and a full bath. No slideouts. There’s very little actual floor area, so moving around often requires a negotiation. And when the space is occupied by two humans and two dogs, all at the same time, things can get interesting.

We managed just fine. The dogs learned to retreat beside the bed or duck under the dinette table to let the humans pass. I think they figured it out faster than we did.

They also surprised us the first time we walked them around a campground. Each of them needed only one disciplinary yank on the leash, after which they behaved themselves when passing by fellow campers both human and canine. We hadn’t expected it to be that easy — they’re becomin’ great campin’ dawgs.

Traveling with the pups in Ernie will be a whole new experience. We’ve already introduced them to the bus — parked in the driveway, of course — but I’m not sure they know it actually moves. We’ll have lots more walk-around space inside, for sure, even with the slides in. While we’re rolling down the road, Scout and The ‘Stick will be able to move about, within reason, and they’ll have a comfy (covered) couch for chillin’.

It’ll be an adventure for all of us. Can’t wait.

We dropped by Squeek’s Bar & Grill the other day for dinner and beverages. Deb and I have been diggin’ the chicken salad lately — an enormous bowl of iceberg and garnishes, tossed with chunks of fried chicken.

She got hers buffalo-sauced. I ordered mine with Bubba, of course. With double ranch dressing.

We shared a couple of appetizers, too — fried pickle chips and, a food group unto itself, a basket of deep-fried pepperoni. Yeah, you wish you were us.

It was the last day of Ohio’s WuFlu Curfew. It also was “Wing Night,” which is always a draw (and for good reason). Looking around the bar Wednesday evening, it felt almost normal — the place was jumpin’, as packed as it can be these days.

Our friend Squeek, the owner, came over to our table and we talked a while. He expressed gratitude, along with a measure of amazement, for the core group of loyal customers who rallied to help keep the bar afloat during the worst days, who kept talking the place up and bringing new faces through the door.

Live music, an essential part of the Squeek’s experience, will return soon as a regular feature. It looks like The Best Bar Ever will survive the State’s best efforts to kill it.

In my experience, good things happen to good people. Apparently the same is true of good honky-tonks. We’ll be going back again on Monday, to celebrate a special occasion.

Many of you share my values. You live your lives by the same principles guiding mine. I want to talk directly and frankly to you today about the road in front of us, the America that Patriots will face in in the coming months, perhaps years.

I’ve written about the attempts of the Left, now with the imprimatur of the Daffy’n’Chuckles administration, to marginalize us. A few days ago I suggested that they’ve taken it a step further, from marginalize to demonize, a shift typified by the outrageous and unwarranted Security Theater in Washington.

There’s a third move. Once we’ve been driven to the fringes of public perception, after we’ve been marked as an evil, they mean to destroy us.

Marginalize. Demonize. Destroy.

All three are underway. We hear Democrats and other progressives, in the context of what must be done to achieve unity, use words like eliminate, remove, de-program and cleanse. They’re talking about us. They’re coming for us.

Conservatives. Libertarians. Trump supporters. Traditional Americans. Patriots. Anyone who doesn’t submit to groupthink and love The Party will be destroyed.

The “pandemic crisis,” by the way, has been a dress rehearsal for what’s to come. The Party has been taking notes.

Back in 2013, in “How do you transform a nation?” Glenn Beck also identified a three-step progression:

“That’s how they’re treating you. That’s how they look at you. And it all boils down to nudge, shove, and then shoot.”

Same thought process. Three steps. While I don’t see the Left hauling us out and literally shooting us — not any time soon, but be sure to read to the end of this post — I do agree with Beck’s point.

Now if you think suspending your social-media account is part of the destroy phase, hell, that’s only a warning shot, just a nudge. The Left, in the form of an unholy alliance between the State and corporations, has bigger plans for you.

They’ll cancel your credit cards and close your bank account. They’ll reward employers for dismissing dissenters, and they’ll make sure you can’t get another job. They’ll make it impossible for your business to get the cash it needs to operate. They’ll come after your means of self-defense and they’ll rob you of your freedom to travel.

If you haven’t surrounded yourself with like-minded People, your loyalist neighbors will serve you to The Party on a platter. If you haven’t raised your children to be resilient and principled, the Left will indoctrinate them and turn them against you.

The Left will do all of this and more, all of this and worse. They intend to silence you, punish you, cancel you, eliminate you, remove you from their transformed America. Their goal is to wipe out opposition and crush dissent.

In the face of those threats, I want you to remember this: You get a vote.

You don’t have to be silent. You can choose not to comply. They can’t deprive you of something you neither possess nor require. If you occupy ground they can’t reach, you’re untouchable.

If they evict you from a culture you don’t inhabit, you pay no penalty.

Cultivate strength. Stand on principle. Fight like hell.

There’s one more thing you need to be aware of, a day you should prepare for. Think back to last summer, when vandals and thugs ran wild. Remember the devastation they inflicted on city after American city while Democrat political leadership stood back and stood down, letting it all go to hell.

It’s still happening, too, in places like Portland.

There may come a time when that kind of violence, directed not at property but at people like you and me, will become much more common. I can see such righteous retribution — and mark my words, that’s how it’d be characterized in the press — reaching a level of cultural acceptance. And we can predict that leftists in power, from Washington to Columbus, will not intervene.

You’d damn well better be able to defend yourself, because you’re on your own.

No one is coming. It’s up to us.

Take care of yourselves, Patriots. Stay calm. Stay sharp. Stay free.

#WiseUp #LibertyOrDeath

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