Day 336: Hate on full display

It’s Day 336 of 15 Days to Flatten the Curve. We’re now into the 12th month of The Ohio Shutdown.

Deb and I are fine. Yesterday was another Soup Day (pictured), but this week we’re scratching and clawing our way back to normal seasonal temperatures.

You may remember me saying, “I hope they fail” about the incoming Daffy’n’Chuckles regime. I made it clear that the only way for America to succeed — or perhaps survive — is if their progressive agenda crashes hard and burns to a cinder. Should they manage to catch what they’re chasing, America fails.

Last week Daffy crowed to the globe and globalists, “America is back!” If he’d actually finished the sentence its meaning would’ve been revealed — “America is back on its knees!” In just one month this administration has begun to make good on its pledge to give away this nation’s fundamental independence — and, along with it, individual Americans’ freedom as well.

The kinds of food you’ll eat. How you’ll heat your home. How you’ll commute to work and the types of jobs that’ll be available. How much it’ll cost to buy gasoline or borrow money. How your tax dollars will be spent abroad. The products you’ll buy, all of them, and how likely (or unlikely) it is they’ll be made in this country. Your personal information and your intellectual property. The rules you and your business must follow to live an American Life. Whether or not you’ll have the ability to defend yourself, your family and your inalienable rights.

All of this and more will be decided far beyond your reach and mine, with once-great America in submission to a global elite. That’s the progressive agenda. The Great Reset is underway.

Here at home, Doctor Dementia and his cabal are busily trying to give away our money (planning to “forgive” student-loan debt), our jobs (ask the Keystone Pipeline and fracking people), our national security (open borders are only months away), our kids’ education (erasing American history, crushing achievement and rewarding identity) and our essential Liberty (Masks Forever, and you’d better believe they’re coming for your guns).

Worst of all — and I can’t stress this enough — is the Left’s obsession with “equity.” We need to understand that this trademark Democrat sounds-alike tactic is not just another way of saying “equality” or “equal opportunity.” which are Founding Principles.

“Equity” opens the flood gates of social engineering.

It’s unconstrained redistribution of wealth. It reassigns opportunity, picking winners and losers without regard to merit.. It’s guaranteed basic income and reparations. It creates Entitlement Culture of the largest and worst possible kind. It’s anti-achievement and patently anti-American.

Whenever we hear “equity,” we must grasp the promise of destruction it carries. It’s our final warning.

It heralds The Unmaking of America.

Shortly after Kathryn Limbaugh broke the news of Rush’s death on Wednesday, true Americans began to react with heartfelt tributes to a life well lived. As we could’ve predicted, The Hateful Left did quite the opposite.

It wasn’t limited to the cranks on social media, either. I’m talking about mainstream leftists, high-profile ghouls in politics, culture and media.

It’s a distinction worth making. See, I know that if this week had brought news of, say, the untimely passing of POTUS #44 or the demise of the insufferable speaker of the House, I’m confident that no eminent conservative would’ve spoken ill of those dead.

Fox News, even the straight-opinion types, wouldn’t have. Rush himself wouldn’t’ve done it. You damned sure won’t find anything like that on Ubi Libertas.

I’m just as certain that social media would be littered with classless posts and memes about the deceased progressive — and that, obviously, is because there are assholes on both sides of the ideological divide. When I see that shit from the high-profile Right I call it out, as I did when Trump snarked about McCain’s captivity. The difference, however, and it’s apparent to anyone (with a brain), is that the lack of common decency on the Left is so godawful pervasive, approaching universal.

Last week the vitriol was spewed by leftist pundits, entertainers and other “celebrities.” It flowed over major newspapers’ opinion pages. We saw it from every big cable network, save Fox, even from so-called “news” anchors and reporters. It goes all the way to the top — yes, to The White House.

It was truly astounding. While that sort of contemptible rhetoric from the Left no longer shocks me, it reminds us that it’s pointless to feign “unity” or pursue compromise. These are simply irredeemable people.

For the most part I’ve ignored the Left’s wretched reaction to Rush’s passing, seeing only enough to confirm that they acted just as they expected they would (and always do). In this post I’ve included a couple of my favorite editorial cartoons from Thursday, to balance the scales toward honor.

It’s the least I can do. No one should presume that I’m a dittohead or some sort of fanboy, but I recognize greatness. And Rush Limbaugh was a great Patriot and an even better man.

I have no pressure to exert on politicians, publications, pundits and posers publicly dancing on Rush’s grave. These are media I don’t consume, candidates who didn’t have my vote anyway and culture that isn’t part of my American Life. The best I can do is to not raise their profiles, so I won’t name them.

As for my politically liberal friends who have nothing nice to say about Rush, most of them are classy enough (or maybe just smart enough) to say nothing at all. But a couple of people in my sphere, I’m sorry to say, hopped aboard The Hate Train last week.

I’ll miss them.

Check that — I won’t miss them at all.

Take care of yourselves, Patriots. Stay calm. Stay sharp. Stay free.

#WiseUp #LibertyOrDeath