Now we slow down

It’s Day 365 of 15 Days to Flatten the Curve.

That’s right, my fellow Buckeyes, we’ve now been dealing with our state government’s fearmongering and control for exactly one year. We’re all now practiced at Pandemic Theater — or at rightly defying it. We’ve seen businesses crushed, lives destroyed and a culture irrevocably altered. For what?

For nothing.

It was not worth the cost.

Now a brief word about how Daffy McHairsniffer and his cabal are “responding” to a murderous rampage carried out by a 21-year-old in Colorado yesterday. Naturally, as leftists playing to type, it’s a crisis they don’t dare let go to waste.

The second thing to recognize is that Daffy has never, ever been a friend to Liberty. He’s been a career hack who’s devoted his unearned influence to robbing true Americans of their fundamental individual rights. His political record is an endless string of assaults on Founding Principles.

Third, in this race-baiting climate of ours. the fact that the mass-murderer was white has led the media narrative — somehow, as was the case after the recent shootings in Atlanta, that’s been judged to be relevant. Perversely so.

We’ve been saying for years that Democrats and other progressives are coming for your guns. We’ve implored you to ignore their denials and double-speak. We’ve begged you to realize that their aim is to criminalize the exercise of our birthrights.

We told you so.

Make no mistake, if you own a firearm they’re coming for you. If you’re a straight white male they’re coming for you. If you have the audacity to stand for Liberty, they’re coming for you.

Five words will suffice: From my cold, dead hands.

Three words could carry the message just as well: Go to hell.

One word is enough: No.

Today’s mileage matched Sunday’s drive, bringing Deb and me to a special place in east Tennessee. It’s a gift we’re giving ourselves, two nights at a rather upscale RV mecca. Amenities abound, the place is immaculate and the setting is spectacular.

When we arrived, we respectfully asked the staffer who greeted us at the gate if they required masks in their indoor facilities, she laughed and drawled, “Not ’round here.”

Our kind of people. Our kind of place.

Once we were settled on our site, which is positively perfect, we rented an electric golf cart to get us around the grounds (which officially makes me old) and bought a couple of buckets of firewood. After dinner, we watched rain clouds gather over the mountains.

The sunset was brilliant. In the distance, a rainbow.

Many of the sites here feature a large stone fireplace, each unique and beautiful. We’re fortunate to have one on our spot, and this evening we enjoyed a cozy fire before retiring to the confines of the bus.

We’re slowing our pace. No more one-nighters for a while.

We have some living to do.

Take care of yourselves, Patriots. Stay calm. Stay sharp. Stay free.

#WiseUp #LibertyOrDeath