Can’t be beat

This is Day One of Year Two of 15 Days to Flatten the curve.

And today, on the first anniversary of Richard Michael DeWine shutting down The Great State of Ohio, the Ohio General Assembly voted to override his veto of a bill that limits his power to issue executive orders without legislative recourse.


The legislation takes effect in June. According to General Assembly leadership, if there are still health orders in effect at that time, our legislators will consider putting a stop to the madness.

They’ll have the authority. Let’s hope they have the will.

Deb and I reveled in a perfect day here in eastern Tennessee. We had chamber-of-commerce weather –mid-70s, low humidity, gentle breezes and postcard skies. I suppose we could’ve seen it as Mother Nature’s head-fake of an early spring, but instead we simply embraced it.

I was up early with the dogs. After taking care of them I put on our first pot of percolator coffee this trip (we’ve been using a Keurig for travel days), went outside and built a small morning fire in the fireplace. I filled my mug, pulled up a chair to the hearth and gazed out over the lake and haze-shrouded mountains.

We took our rented cart, with Deb at the wheel, down to the lakeshore. We walked out onto the dock and watched a father and son cast lines in the water. We ate ice-cream sandwiches from the freezer at the campground store.

The day didn’t pass without us accomplishing a few things, though. We extended the window and door awnings for the first time. Deb took the washer-dryer for its maiden voyage. And I mounted brackets to the roof-access ladder on the back of the coach, where soon the American flag will fly 20 feet in the air.

Dinner was steak and Deb’s Special Potatoes. Sunset by the lake. Later, the fireplace will glow again.

Tomorrow we’ll head down the road a few miles for our second multi-day stay. I predict surprises.

Good ones.

Take care of yourselves, Patriots. Stay calm. Stay sharp. Stay free.

#WiseUp #LibertyOrDeath