A very good place

We’ve now had 400 bonus days to flatten a 15-day curve. Deb and I are doin’ great.

When I talked the other day about “the important stuff” in a campground, I didn’t say anything about setting or scenery. I focused on the practical, the necessary, the sorts of things that are either right or (by degrees) wrong.

Our current digs, in a U.S. Army Corps of Engineers campground, aren’t perfect, practically speaking — but the only thing I can ding the place for, really, is a cracked faucet. It’s giving us all the water we need, it just leaks at the spigot.

The rest of the imperfections are on us and our rig. Although the site is spacious — maybe four times bigger than anyplace else we’ve stayed this month — Ernie doesn’t quite fit on the concrete parking pad. We had to put his front tires on the site’s tarmac approach, which ever-so-slightly pitches up toward the road, and that (according to my Bubble app) puts the coach nose-high by 2.4 degrees.

Is the site level? Yes. Are we? No — but it’s not enough to throw our gas-absorption fridge out-of-whack or make the living space feel like a fun house.

The site is narrower than we thought it’d be, requiring us to place the rig just right to allow us to extend the slides. We don’t have full hookups (no sewer), which we knew coming in. Ditto the 30A electric service (Ernie is a 50A coach), but since we have only 30A back at Second Chance Ranch we’ve had plenty of practice accommodating that.

We do have a fire ring, a shelter and a cast-concrete picnic table. The grounds are extremely well-maintained. The setting is quiet and idyllic. Despite having to squeeze and adapt a bit, this is the best place we’ve stayed so far.

Deb and I went for a short hike today. (She came back carrying a half-dozen ticks.) We found a feather on the ground next to our site, and it looks like it may be a flight feather from a bald eagle. (There are nesting pairs along the shore of this lake.) We installed new gas props under the bed (again). I’ve already set out the fixins to start our first campfire later tonight, burning seasoned oak that Deb’s cousin was kind enough to bring us yesterday.

Come tomorrow morning we’ll be leaving here for another campground not far away — full hookups, steps from the bank of a river. Life is good.

Take care of yourselves, Patriots. Stay calm. Stay sharp. Stay free.

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