Some days turn out to be productive but not particularly interesting, and this was such a day. We were occupied completely with bringing that new-to-us Jeep Wrangler one step closer to being our toad.

Deb and I sat for three-plus hours in the waiting area of the auto-accessories shop while various gear was fitted to Mercy. Part of the work was making good on conditions agreed to by the dealer that sold us the vehicle — add a spare tire and wheel, replace the broken spare-tire carrier, reinstall the third brake light and license-plate mount — and that cost us nothing today but time.

The rest was on us, related to towing, including wiring and mounting a connector that allows us to link Mercy’s lights to Ernie’s. We also picked up the towbar itself and a brake controller. It’ll be up to us to get all that sorted, which (along with wiring the motorhome end of the lighting connection) we’ll do here at the campground.

The most important thing about this less-than-interesting Tuesday is that we moved forward. We made essential progress toward fulfilling the purpose of our long stay here in The Ozarks.

Hanging out at the shop while that progress happened was by no means exciting, but it also wasn’t unpleasant. As usual, we made the best of it — and yes, even in a spot with virtually no cell service, that’s still possible.

We had a great conversation with a local woman her 12-year-old son, touching on many subjects and stretching well over an hour. We walked the parking lot a number of times, ogling the modified trucks. There was even a brand-new Massey-Ferguson tractor in the mix.

One particular vehicle (there’s a glimpse of it in today’s header image) was impossible to ignore — clearly a show truck, a late-model Ford with many hand-fabricated parts and incredible attention to detail. Deb whimsically referred to the beast as my “retirement truck.”

As much as I like that idea, the Ford’s absurd lift might post a problem, since the door sill was about even with the bottom of my ribcage. I might need a boost.

Anyway, it was a solid day. We’ll put this one in the win column.

Take care of yourselves, Patriots. Stay calm. Stay sharp. Stay free.

#WiseUp #LibertyOrDeath