Ready or not

This is a day for expending as little energy as possible. I have pre-launch maintenance to do. So does Deb. As much as we’d like to get out and enjoy our last 24 hours around Glacier, today will be as deliberate and as relaxing as we can make it.

An early bedtime is in order.

I’ll be driving three straight days and five of the next six before I get a break. We’ve made campground reservations that take us to the South Dakota-Iowa line the first week of October. From there we’ll have ten days to cover the last 600 miles to our destination in northern Arkansas.

We may arrive earlier than planned. That’d be fine.

I’m caught between never wanting to leave here and wanting to get the driving over with. The next several weeks won’t be sightseeing — it’ll be workmanlike, utility travel, the sort of mileage that doesn’t pack much (if any) enjoyment.

If you think I’m dreading this run, you’re not wrong.

We’ll keep it real. There will be no 300-mile days. We’ll run our pace. At the end of this road is another prize — an extended stay at our favorite campground, in the Ozarks.

Our attention shifts now to that goal. We’ll bid farewell to Glacier in the morning.

Take care of yourselves, Patriots. Stay calm. Stay sharp. Stay free.

#WiseUp #LibertyOrDeath