Thursday, in brief

We made it to within seven miles of The Mountain this afternoon — not that we wouldn’t’ve enjoyed driving all the way there, but we had another reason to visit Yellville. Today’s trip was to meet friends who’d traveled down from Missouri.

Our lunch — at Blacksheep BBQ Smokehouse & Grill, of course — was outstanding. The conversation was great, too, and went on a long time.

Behind our table, among other Ozarks ephemera adorning the wall, hung an original Popeil Pocket Fisherman. Just thought I’d mention that.

On our drive back to the campground we stopped at the Walmart in Harrison to reprovision and pick up a prescription for Dipstick.

And that was our day.

Looking at the weather forecast, beginning Saturday night northern Arkansas will go into a deep freeze. Lows are predicted to dip into the 20s, once flirting with the teens. That means we’ll be running Ernie’s furnaces probably four nights in a row and longer each night than we have before.

We should be fine. The gauge on our LP supply still shows the tank two-thirds full.

That got me to thinking about what mid-December must be like in a place we visited not long ago. Late this afternoon I pulled up Glacier Park’s webcams.

Beyond the obvious — snow, that is — West Glacier’s days generally will be colder than the overnights here in Arkansas. Tonight, for example, the forecast low is 2°F, followed tomorrow by a high of 19°F.

As much as we love Montana, it’s just not the kind of place that Deb and I could live year-’round. We can say the same of South Dakota.

Winter will come to The Ozarks, we know that. But at this point in our lives, an Arkansas winter looks pretty damned appealing.

Take care of yourselves, Patriots. Stay calm. Stay sharp. Stay free.

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