Ernie gets a moat

We expected rain today. Indeed, we knew it’d rain pretty much all day and night — by any reasonable definition, our Friday would be a total washout. What we couldn’t’ve predicted was just how much rain we’d get.

And we got a lot.

Since our first visit in May we’ve seen this campground in wet weather many times, from sudden gully-washers to days-long soakers. Runoff drains into the dry creek bed that bisects the park, and it drains pretty well.

Today was a whole different story. Rain started around 6am and got heavier as the morning went on. By mid-afternoon the whole place was inundated — every square foot was either a river or a pond. The dry creek bed ran hard and fast, over four feet deep. Culverts at each end of the campground were overwhelmed by the muddy torrent.

The photos you see here we took before the waters crested or after they’d receded some (which they eventually did). For a while, though, we were looking at a six-inch-deep moat around the bus. When the water began to lap at the entry steps we retracted them, wondering if we might have to pack up and move our rig to higher ground.

As of this evening the flash-flooding has moved downstream. The dry creek bed isn’t yet completely dry, but it’s stopped running. There’s more rain coming overnight, however, so we’ll wait and see if the waters rise again.

It’s all part of the deal, just another day in the life. We’re safe and we’re warm and we’re dry, never truly in any peril. And there’s nowhere we’d rather be — this is Home.

Take care of yourselves, Patriots. Stay calm. Stay sharp. Stay free.

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