Mex, et cetera

With that visual survey of burgers in the books, my thoughts turned to other meals we enjoyed while gallivanting around the country. Deb and I are pretty easy keepers, but we also like what we like. Barbecue, of course. Italian, too, and not just pizza. Hell, give us a decent hot dog and kettle chips and we’re just fine.

We stopped being impressed by fancy-schmancy a long time ago. Comfort food makes us happy.

One of our go-to cuisines is Mexican — Tex-Mex, New Mex, whatever. Yeah, I know, south-of-the-border food has been “culturally appropriated,” but I’m not interested in purity tests. Like art, my missus and I know it when we see it.

We love a good enchilada plate. Huevos rancheros. Chorizo. Chili. (Beans aren’t a deal-breaker for us.) Taco salad, tortilla soup, breakfast burrito, Southwest omelet, Frito pie, Indian taco — bring it.

Margaritas? Are you kidding?

Here, then, is my greasy gallery — memorable Mex (etc.) meals, good eats from five states.

(For the record, the purple drink in today’s header image is, indeed, a huckleberry margarita.)

One year ago today, since we had sun (for a change) in Harrison, Arkansas, we dabbled in solar.

Take care of yourselves, Patriots. Stay calm. Stay sharp. Stay free.

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