‘Nowhere but here’

On social media this morning I noted that we rolled away from Second Chance Ranch 16 months ago today. Beyond simply recalling the occasion, there was something else in particular I found striking. I haven’t run this by Deb, but I think she’d agree with what I’m about to say.

I find it remarkable that I can’t conjure what it felt like to live any American Life other than this one. My memories are intact, of course, but that’s only a mental catalog of events. What’s missing is the sense that connects me to other times and other places, and especially other purposes.

It would seem that I’ve arrived in the moment. I’m present. I’m nowhere but here, now.

That’s new, too.

Maybe it’s my age. I don’t believe I’ve compartmentalized my life, necessarily, but my past — all of it — serves only as a deep mine of perspective. I’ve made peace with it. I face forward.

And my future? I’m closer to the end of this ride than I am to the beginning. Though I have dreams and big plans for the next chapter, I have no way way to know when I’ll turn the final page.

So here I am.

I have no lessons to teach. I’m not suggesting that anyone follow my example. See, I didn’t really do anything to get here, except to show up every day.

I dunno, maybe that’s the trick — keep showing up. I’ll let you know if I figure it out.

Maybe you’ve heard — in the People’s Republic of New York, a bunch of new “gun control” laws take effect today. They’re Governor Kathy Chokehold’s answer to a SCOTUS decision overturning the state’s patently unconstitutional concealed-carry scheme.

Since New York now has to issue permits without demanding a “good reason,” Democrats are making sure that the permits don’t permit much of anything.

Gov. Chokehold calls the Court’s decision “reckless” and “reprehensible.”

“It’s not what New Yorkers want,” she whines.

Okay, let’s talk about that.

Last I checked, New York is, regrettably (and that goes both ways), part of the United States of America and, as such, is subject to every word of the Constitution of the United States, which it ratified on July 26, 1788. Likewise the Bill of Rights and the Second Amendment, ratified by New York on March 27, 1790. No state, regardless of statute, statistic or prevailing political wind, is permitted to infringe on “the right of the People to keep and bear arms.”

Public opinion is irrelevant to the exercise and protection of individual rights.

It wouldn’t matter if the citizens of New York voted unanimously to ban all firearms. Hell, a majority of “Americans” nationwide could be in favor of “gun control” and it wouldn’t negate the Second Amendment.

And here’s a little secret — if, according to the process set forth in the Constitution, the Second Amendment was overturned, that’d eliminate only the constitutional protection. It wouldn’t nullify the birthright to keep and bear arms.

You need to remember that. And the totalitarians running the People’s Republic of New York would be wise to remember that like it or not, they’re still constrained by the Constitution.

Deb and I, while we were on the road, purposely avoided numerous states, including New York — progressive enclaves rife with cultural decay and institutional hatred of Liberty. Now, for the same reasons, we’ve decided to settle in Free America. That’s especially important these days, in light of how the regime in DC cheers each assault on Liberty by the states (while plotting its own).

When it comes to gun laws, Arkansas isn’t perfect but it comes damned close. Here are some advantages we enjoy over states suffering under anti-American progressive rule:

  • “Constitutional carry” (concealed or open, no permit required)
  • “Shall-issue” concealed-carry permit state
  • No firearm registration or licensing
  • No waiting period for purchase
  • No training requirement
  • No state licensing of firearms dealers
  • “Castle doctrine” law
  • “Stand your ground” law (no “duty to retreat”)
  • No “red-flag laws”
  • No regulation of “assault weapons”
  • No regulation of “ghost guns”
  • No regulation of magazine capacity
  • No ammunition restrictions
  • No state ban of firearms on college campuses
  • State law preempts local law
  • The right to keep and bear arms is enumerated in the state constitution
  • “Second Amendment sanctuary” state

All that earns Arkansas a rank of #47 out of 50 from the commies at Everytown, which makes it #4 for true Americans. Only Montana, Idaho and Mississippi are friendlier to gun owners.

Giffords, another gang of anti-Liberty pansies, pays Arkansas the ultimate compliment, putting The Natural State all the way down at #50. Say it with me: “We’re number one! We’re number one!”

For the record, Ohio comes in at #30 (#21) with Everytown, #25 (#26) with Giffords. I’m not optimistic about the direction it’s headed, either, under a second term of Richard Michael DeWine.

Another factor validating our change-of-residence is more difficult to quantify. The Ozarks of northern Arkansas and bordering Missouri is a region characterized by fierce independence. On the south side of the line, for example, inhabitants don’t change their lives based on what happens in Little Rock, and they don’t give a rat’s ass about political theater in DC.

These are self-regulating People who know Liberty because they live Liberty. Those are the only terms they find acceptable. At this moment in time, they go about their business in a favorable statutory climate.

We’re in a very good place.

Today’s highlight came at the end of the day — we accepted an invitation from one of our campground hosts and her boyfriend to join them for “Taco Night” at the Elks Lodge just down the road. Our Texas neighbors came along, too.

It was the simplest and best of times. Good food and drink combined with genuine hospitality to make it a wonderful evening, just hangin’ with the locals on their turf. I’m tellin’ you, every day and every encounter make it clear that we’re right where we belong.

Life is good.

One year ago today we climbed up and over the Continental Divide at Homestake Pass, rumbled past Butte and wound our way down to Big Sky Brewing in Missoula.

Take care of yourselves, Patriots. Stay calm. Stay sharp. Stay free.

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