A new thirteen

At the very end of yesterday’s post I shared a graphic identifying “red states” that have Republicans in all major statewide elected offices and Republican legislative majorities. After posting that I got to wondering — how many of those 16 states unapologetically defend our birthright guaranteed by the Second Amendment?

I decided that the best gauge would be an F grade from the anti-American gun-grabbers at Giffords. A failing grade from them is an A+ for armed citizens.

Applying that filter eliminated three states: Nebraska (C–), Indiana (D–) and Florida (C–). The remaining 13 states have Giffords rankings ranging from Alabama at 31st (or 20th-best for gun owners) to Arkansas at 50th.

Yeah, we’re #1.

Nothing is certain, of course, and nothing is forever. As true Americans, however, we have to look now at where our values are embraced and where we’re unwelcome. Don’t bet the farm (or your life) on Republicans, and realize that even within “friendly” states are progressive enclaves and urban areas to be avoided. Still, this map (and the thought behind it) might not be a bad place to start.

Thirteen states. Coincidence?

Rain throughout the night, continuing into today, made a trip to The Mountain pretty pointless. Both of us miss being there, even if it’s just being there, but it’s laughably soggy in northern Arkansas right now. We’ll take a look at conditions tomorrow.

We did get some good news this morning — the guy who did the initial backhoe work last December will be putting in our septic system, and he called to say that he expects to get started on that Tuesday morning. Weather permitting, of course.

This week we mark one year since we acquired our trusty Polaris Ranger. Twelve months ago yesterday the previous owner handed us the keys. A year ago this Saturday we first plowed into the woods and began clearing the cut to the summit.

It’s an indispensable tool, a tiny truck, a motorized wheelbarrow. Occasionally it’s a thrill ride. If you occupy a homestead or own a piece of property of any significant size, and especially if you’re engaged in a project like ours, we strongly recommend that you consider picking up a buggy like this.

It’ll make your life easier and better. We promise.

Take care of yourselves, Patriots. Stay calm. Stay sharp. Stay free.

#WiseUp #LibertyOrDeath

#LetsGoBrandon #FJB

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