Labor Day

The Texans next door invited us over last night for a cookout. They grilled steaks and burgers, as well as preparing potato salad and deviled eggs. We contributed Deb’s Famous Bean Salad and a jar of moonshine pickles. (Yes, that’s a thing.)

It was a helluva feed. Good people, too, and like-minded.

We’d gifted them the day before with one of our original LFSH bumper stickers. To our pleasant surprise they affixed it to the rear of their motorhome, the only such adornment on the bus. (See today’s header image.)

That, my friends, is gratifying. Lives, Fortunes, Sacred Honor. This is how the good shit gets done.

Though I rarely pass along “recommended reading,” today I’m making an exception. Daniel Greenfield’s commentary on, “Biden is More Dangerous Than Ever,” gets our current predicament exactly right.

Here are some excerpts:

“Democrat approval of Biden is rising, though, as he calls his political enemies ‘semi-fascist’ in between sending the FBI to raid their homes and taunts them that he has F-15 jets and they don’t. Telling your political opponents that you can use the Air Force to go after them the way you can the FBI isn’t ‘semi-fascism’ — it’s full-on unfiltered torchlight-parade-in-a-stadium fascism.

“And Democrats love it enough so that only half, instead of three-quarters, want Biden gone.

“Biden understands that his party’s radical base cares a lot less about policy and legislative victories than the culture war. They’ll demand and take more government money, but what they really want in a teleprompter figurehead is a fascist who will justify fascist suppression of political opponents by shouting about fascism. Rage and hate are all that moves them.”

“Like every Latin American dictator, Biden wants to change the subject from the economy (the top concern for everyone except Democrats whose priorities are still abortion and solar panels, and finding ways to power abortions with solar panels) to purging his political opponents. Unlike Xi, he can’t invade Taiwan and unlike Putin, he can’t invade Ukraine. Americans aren’t up for a war and Biden, who opposed getting Bin Laden, is too much of a coward to fight someone who can fight back.

“That just leaves a civil war. And that polls much better with his base than any other kind of war.”

“Leftist accusations are always projection. When Biden states that Republicans are full of ‘anger, violence, hate, and division,’ he’s accurately describing his own political movement which will be satisfied with nothing less than locking up or shooting everyone who doesn’t share their beliefs.”

I urge you to read the entire piece. To do that, click here.

Deb and I kept it quiet and close this Labor Day. Fall, my favorite time of year, isn’t here yet, but cooler morning temps tell us it’s not far off. We expect to have just one autumn, unlike the three we saw last year.

The only news worth reporting is that one of our trailcams on The Mountain finally recorded an actual critter — a squirrel. We’ll be moving both cams soon in hopes of capturing something a bit more interesting.

One year ago today we awoke to 39°F and an all-you-can-eat pancake breakfast (huckleberry, of course) put on by our campground hosts.

Take care of yourselves, Patriots. Stay calm. Stay sharp. Stay free.

#WiseUp #LibertyOrDeath

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