Nothing to be proud of

Often I’m amazed at what some folks brag about. I struggle to understand how otherwise smart people wave their personal flag from (what they perceive to be) moral high ground, oblivious to their foolishness.

Politically, so-called “moderates” and “centrists” are prime examples. They’ve convinced themselves that setting up camp in the warm, squishy middle is a sign of wisdom, when in fact it indicates an absence of principle.

These are the merchants of compromise. They’re largely responsible, as much as liberals are, for State-sanctioned infanticide, for the perpetuation of The Entitled Class, for lost wars, for men in women’s bathrooms and more.

Moderates are a cancer on the country and the culture.

While centrists dither, still others proclaim, “I’m not political!” For them, being apolitical is a badge of honor, their silence in the face of urgency a source of pride. Instead of striking nonsensical positions, as moderates do, they take no position at all.

Maybe it’s ’cause they only want to be liked, and they think the best way to do that is by being noncommittal. They’re probably right.

Well, I don’t much like people who refuse to take a stand, along with anyone who won’t speak their mind. Being silent is nothing to be proud of.

It’s more common than ever, I believe, for Americans to take pride in not voting. That’s a different kind of silence — intentionally not participating in a sacred rite of citizenship. Whether it’s the tired refrain of “My one vote won’t make a difference” or the cynical “It’s all corrupt anyway” canard, not voting is a sign of ignorance, or apathy, or both.

The 2020 presidential election was skillfully manipulated, of course, which burdened us with the current occupant of the Oval Office and his puppetmasters. But not every election (or every politician) is corrupt — to make irrational claims to the contrary is a weak excuse for laziness.

Elections are a numbers game. It’s a statistical fact that the more votes cast, the smaller the effect of each individual vote. Most ballots, however, include offices and measures that’ll see only a couple thousand votes, or a few hundred, or several dozen. The impact of one citizen’s vote can be significant, even decisive.

“It’s possible to do the right thing and still lose. That’s no excuse for not doing the right thing.”

my father in November 1964 after voting for Barry Goldwater, who lost in a landslide

Someone who stays home from the polls because he’s just one among 150 million voting for POTUS should have to explain to the candidate for school board that she lost because he was too arrogant or too lazy to do a citizen’s duty.

I have no sympathy for those who choose not to vote. If you’re an American, fucking act like it.

Finally, I reserve a special dose of derision for The Virtue Signal Corps. They exist across the spectrum — the hateful bastard sporting the “coexist” bumper sticker, the anti-capitalist with the iPhone, the guy who boycotts Walmart but gets daily Amazon deliveries, the morally superior EV driver who conveniently ignores her car’s shortcomings and the fact that its power comes from Demon Coal.

Much of that bullshit is simple hubris. The rest can be attributed to ideological drunkenness, lack of self-awareness, failure to think critically or utility-grade dishonesty.

Lots of genuinely good people, in my experience, fall habitually into The Boycott Trap — y’know, the groupthink thing, petitions and memes and feel-good-about-yourself nonsense. Disney and Facebook and Alec Baldwin and on and on.

And it never works. Let me say that again: Organized boycotts never work. If you think you see an effect, you’re being fooled by PR.

Boycotting is nothing but auto-erotica. Stop it.

I could go on, but I’ll end my rant here. Be thankful for that.

One year ago today I brewed coffee, built a morning fire on our hilltop site, had fresh huckleberries on my oatmeal and watched the sky brighten over the Missions.

Take care of yourselves, Patriots. Stay calm. Stay sharp. Stay free.

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