‘Tea in the harbor’

We’ve had some damned good campfires this week. Our hosts’ woodpile lately has included a few pieces of seasoned sycamore — a wood I’d never used before, now on my list of favorites. It’s the softest of hardwoods, burning hot and long.

I’d like to tell you that I employ primitive methods to start our campfires. I don’t. I may not use accelerants or a pre-packaged firestarter cube (at least not very often), but I’ve become quite a fan of paraffin-and-pine cups, something we rediscovered a couple of years ago while camping at Alum Creek in Ohio. They’re easy to make (and I have), though these days we buy ’em by the bag.

Fatwood comes in handy, too, from time to time. And I do use a butane lighter.

Evening temps have been dropping into the 60s by 6:30pm or so. We build our fires for ambience alone, not for warmth or cooking, and we make no apologies for that.

If you understand the simple pleasure of building a fire and enjoying its glow, yeah, you’re my people.

Sometimes porch-sittin’ is enough. For Deb and me yesterday, it was enough of a reason to drive over to The Mountain and spend some quality time with her cousin at his place. We talked, had a beverage or two, watched hummingbirds and chickadees and gazed out over the valley.

Speaking of The Mountain, our trailcam near the homesite has been sending us images of a couple of grazing whitetail does. I think we’ll put out corn soon, both there and up-top, to see what else might amble by.

On our way back to the campground, and for the first time since we wintered here, we stopped at T’s BBQ in Harrison. Deb ordered a pulled-pork sandwich and I had pulled-pork tacos We tried the signature “Roulette Peppers” (a jalapeño stuffed with seasoned cream cheese and shredded jack, wrapped in rubbed bacon).

Even though we still favor Blacksheep BBQ and Carolyn’s Razorback Ribs in Yellville, T’s is still a worthy dining option here in town.

I don’t consider myself a tin-hatter or a black-helicopter crank, but it’s fair to say that I notice things the masses don’t give a second thought. For example, over the last few days I’ve seen an odd aircraft on flightradar24 — no call sign, no configuration, holding about 75 to 85 knots at 2,000 to 2,300 feet. It’d pop up when it was in the vicinity of other aircraft and then disappear.

UAV? Possibly. Purpose? Unclear.

Beyond the curious I have the concrete. The news is chock-full of cause for concern as the current regime continues to unmake America. Recently there’s also reason for me to be encouraged.

On January 6th, 2021, I said this:

“The Right, in general, is way too impressed with its propriety, its dignity, its order and, quite frankly, itself. It needs to take the gloves off and throw them away, adopting the relentless energy, passion and fuck-you anger that’s helped the Left eat its lunch.

Conservatives have to start fighting dirty.

“Said another way — and if you’re a student of American history, you’ll get this — the Right needs to be less like John Adams and more like Samuel Adams.”

It would seem that two Republican governors are doing exactly that.

The invasion of illegals at the southern border, created and perpetuated by anti-American progressives, threatens our sovereignty, security and culture. Texas is Ground Zero, and Gov. Greg Abbott has been busing trespassers to Democrat-run cities like Chicago, New York, Philadelphia and Washington.

Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis upped the ante earlier this week by flying several dozen illegals to leftist playground Martha’s Vineyard.

Every single one of these places previously had signaled its virtue by declaring itself a “sanctuary” for persons in this country illegally. Now that they have to back up symbolic gestures issued without the weight of consequence, we’re finding out what posers they truly are — empty words, proclamations lacking principle.

In other words, they’re progressives. They’re liberals. They’re Democrats.

Now we have Gov. Gruesom of the People’s Republic of California suggesting that the DOJ consider pursuing federal “kidnapping” charges against states protecting their sovereignty by exporting illegals. Keep in mind that this is the same duly-elected doofus mandating EVs for a state forced to ration electric power.

And if you hear the Democrat talking point that Republicans are “using children as political pawns,” remember that it comes from the party that campaigns for the murder of infants.

In one way, this stuff is just hilarious to watch, leftists propelled skyward with their own petard. It’s fucking poetic. Seeing progressives stuck living up to their rhetoric — and failing — is a beautiful thing.

But it also represents a heartening change of direction for (some) conservatives. It’s more than trademark complaining. Finally we have a couple of states willing to fight dirty, unabashedly hoisting a big middle finger to Democrats’ destructive policies.

This could be tea in the harbor.

One year ago today we left Glacier Park.

The first 70 miles on US Route 2 presented a spectacular test — breathtaking scenery traversed by a challenging stretch of road. We ended the day on the Montana grasslands at Shelby.

Take care of yourselves, Patriots. Stay calm. Stay sharp. Stay free.

#WiseUp #LibertyOrDeath

#LetsGoBrandon #FJB

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