For practical purposes, these days are for marching in place. The last time I used that characterization, I think, was when we were holding back from the Black Hills a year ago August, as we waited for Sturgis to clear. This time it’s different, of course.

Little can be accomplished by running around on The Mountain right now. The next phase of excavation is a few weeks off, thanks to a delay in the sale of Second Chance Ranch. (Everything’s fine, as far as we know, just pushed back a week or so.)

We did get a surprise call from the site-work contractor the other day.

“When I came out to load up my backhoe, I was embarrassed at how my guys left your property,” he said. “I’m truly sorry about that. They’re out there today putting things right. And there’s no charge for that.”

I told him we figured it was the natural result of a work in progress, and that we weren’t concerned. He countered that it just isn’t the way he does business.

The call confirmed that we chose the right guy for the job.

Yesterday we stayed around the campground. Notably, at least to me, I did a couple of things I don’t often do.

I trimmed my beard. Our younger boy is getting married a month from now, and this was a sort of trial run to see if I could groom myself without fucking up.

I cleaned (and treated) the only leather footwear I have with me — Cabela’s work boots and Merrell slip-ons. When I did that last year I sang the praises of Montana Pitch Blend products, and my recommendation stands.

Early yesterday evening our campground hosts tipped us off to a “wine tasting” being held at the other end of the park, free and open to all guests. Neither Deb nor I could remember the last time we’d had wine, so we strolled down to see what it was about.

What we found was a spry octogenarian in a Hawaiian shirt, a former bank president, holding court at the picnic table outside his small travel trailer. His invitation had drawn a dozen of our fellow campers.

But this wasn’t some high-toned lecture on vintages and vintners. It was an excuse to drink, nothing more and nothing less, purely social.

Two hours later we had new friends (along with a pleasant buzz) and headed back to the bus.

Deb’s convinced that she sees signs that the leaves are starting to turn in The Ozarks. Maybe so. Our trip to Ohio next month (for the wedding) ensures that we’ll miss some of the show here, but we’ll definitely return for the finale.

So-called “no-excuse absentee voting” is both a misnomer and an abomination. What it really means is that any lame-ass excuse will do. We’re surrounded by people too lazy to go to the polls on Election Day, so this is what we end up with.

States with “all-mail elections” are even worse.

If you think any of that’s a good idea, you’re reading the wrong blog. You’re the reason we have a complacent populace and an entitlement culture. You probably vote for Democrats — and now more than ever before, there’s no justification to vote for a candidate with a (D) after their name.

Remember that wack-job “disinformation czar” (aka “Scary Poppins”) the current regime tried to sneak by us to head their Ministry of Truth? One might expect that being called out for appointing that she-twit would’ve prompted the Left to be a little more careful.

Not so.

Last week we learned that the DoD employs a “Chief Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Officer” who’s a vitriolic race hustler. She hates white Americans and everything about us. Her public statements reveal that she’s far more dangerous than the “woke administrator” she claims to be — she’s manifest evil, personified hatred, cultural poison.

(Aside: My race, like hers, is an accident of birth. For me it’s neither a source of pride nor cause for shame. In fact, race is wholly incidental to me until someone decides it’s an issue for them — like when this bitch disparages whites’ “CAUdacity” for pointing out her seething racism. See, now that’s gonna be a problem.)

And she got the job because she’s exactly the kind of anti-American tool Democrats wanted. It’s calculated execution of the progressive agenda through the federal bureaucracy where we, the People, have no power.

Let me say that again: The Permanent State is beyond our control.

So we act where we can have an effect. A general election is coming up in which (to paraphrase a popular meme) the same progressive politicians who manufactured the WuFlu crisis, assaulted our freedoms, closed our businesses, harmed our children and crippled American culture are now asking for our votes. I can’t imagine a true American casting a ballot for any of those enemies of Liberty, regardless of party.

Yes, Richard Michael DeWine, I’m looking at you.

We’ve passed the point of choosing lesser evils. We must act locally, close to home, and make changes where we’re able.

Voting is essential. I don’t give a rat’s ruddy ass how you feel about the integrity of national or statewide elections, you vote. It’s what citizens do.

Otherwise, you’re just a subject of the State.

Early voting, if you’re so inclined, starts soon. Vote like an actual American, dammit.

Take care of yourselves, Patriots. Stay calm. Stay sharp. Stay free.

#WiseUp #LibertyOrDeath

#LetsGoBrandon #FJB